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unknown Fysh
Christopher Fysh
born circa 1742
died 29 August 1822 1
buried 19 September 1822, St. Margarets, Lynn 2
On the 19th September 1822 Christopher Fysh, Gentleman, of Tower
Street, aged 80, was buried in St. Margaret's, Lynn. This would give
him a birth date of approximately 1742.

On 12th July 1760 Christopher Hewitt, woolen draper of Kings Lynn,
made his will. Here he provided for 'the maintenance of my son John
Hewitt who is under the misfortune of Lunacy and now in Norwich
Bethlam for and during his natural life' under the supervision of 'Ann
Fysh the wife of Thomas Fysh of Cockley Cley, Thatcher' and after
the death of his son his property in Lynn was left to 'Christopher Fysh
son of the aforesaid Ann Fysh'.

This suggests to me that Christopher Fysh was probably apprenticed
to Christopher Hewitt who was probably a relation. There is no record
of such an apprenticeship amongst the Kings Lynn records, or among
those of the Inland Revenue Apprenticeship Tax records in the Public
Record Office, but, in the latter case there, would have been no tax to
be paid if there were only a nominal premium paid which was often
the case between relatives.

In the Cockley Cley parish registers there is an entry for 1742:
bapt Dec 5 Xper Fish of Thos & Ann
which most probably refers to this Christopher Fysh. I am trying, how-
ever to gather a little more conclusive evidence (with little success so
far!) before connecting these two families up.




1763 -

c1767 -

Jane Springell

1771 -

1773 -

1774 -


1778 -

children of Christopher and Jane Fysh

Elizabeth Fysh died 1761
died 1761 3
buried 7 May 1761, St. Nicholas, Kings Lynn 4

Hewit Fysh 1763-1764
born 1763
baptized 1 June 1763, St. Margarets, Lynn 5
died 1764 6
buried 1 February 1764, St. Margarets, Lynn 7

Hewitt Fysh circa 1767-1811
born circa 1767
died 1811
buried 19 April 1811, Meeting House, Maze Pond, Southwark
 married (1) 26 January 1793 Cirencester, Gloucester, England

Mary Wilkins 8 1735-1806
 married (2) 27 January 1806 Saint Giles, Camberwell, Surrey, England

Elizabeth Ann Chase 9 1735-1806

Jane Springell Fysh born 1769
baptized 17 December 1769, St. Margarets, Lynn

Benjamin Fysh 1771-1797
draper 10
of Watford 11
born 1771
baptized 23 December 1771, St. Margarets, Lynn
died 1797, Watord 12

Notes: According to JPG Fysh he became a draper in Watford (near London)
where he died in 1797 aged 25 and unmarried.

(info: Goodbye Norfolk, I must leave you, by JPG and AVGA Fysh,
an article in the Norfolk Ancestor, Vol 3, part 7, December 1984.
No sources or references are provided for any of the statements
in this article)

Christopher Fysh 1773-1774
born 1773
baptized 9 December 1773, St. Margarets, Lynn
died 1774 13
buried 18 December 1774, St. Margarets, Lynn 14

Susannah Fysh 1774-1775
born 1774
baptized 6 January 1775, St. Margarets, Lynn
died 1775 15
buried 24 July 1775, St. Margarets, Lynn 16

Notes: died young?

Susan Fysh died 1776
died 1776 17
buried 7 July 1776, St. Margarets, Lynn 18

Susannah Fysh 1778-1801
born 1778
baptized 14 May 1778, St. Margarets, Lynn
died 1801, London
buried 25 November 1801, Southwark, Maze Pond Baptist 19

Notes: I cannot now find where I found the baptism of this child, presumably
in the registers of St. Margarets, Lynn. The burial date and age seems
to suit her.

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