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Thomas Fish
died after 1762
died after 1762
Thomas Fysh 1
farmer (1801) 2
of Clenchwarton, Norfolk 3
born circa 1745 4
baptized 25 March 1745, Cockley Cley 5
died 14 March 1821, West Lynn, St Peter 6
will dated 4 March 1819 7
and proved 30 October 1821
his will declares him to be 'late of West Lynn St. Peters, but now of the
City of London, gentleman', and mentions his brother Christopher Fysh
of King's Lynn, gent. and his friend Thomas Low of Bircham Tofts, farmer.
(info: Fysh collection - Norfolk Familly History Society)

His children as listed in his will are Thomas, Low, Francis, Christopher and
John Fysh - these were probably his surviving children at the time he made
the will, 4 March 1819. His will is signed with his initials, T.F. Stephanie
Fysh of Toronto provided, by email, some extra details and some additional
children but I do not know what her sources were:

Christopher Fysh
Francis Fysh
Low Fysh
Thomas Fysh, B. 1776; D. April 17, 1857
Hannah Fysh, B. November 4, 1781
Ann Fysh, B. February 22, 1786
John Fysh, B. 1795; D. 1875

In his article 'Goodbye Norfolk, I must leave you' in the Norfolk Ancestor,
December 1984, John P.G. Fysh states:

As far as can be ascertained, he did not take up business in King's Lynn
but farmed in the Marshland area where his seven children were born.
His five sons all left Norfolk, though the eldest, another Thomas, left only
towards the end of his life when all but one of his children had established
themselves in London.

for a note on his parentage see below#


Elizabeth Low
circa 1749-1802


b. c1781

1782 -




1789 -

children of Thomas and Elizabeth Fysh

Hannah Fysh
buried July 1781, Terrington St. Clements 8

Thomas Fysh born circa 1781
born circa 1781, Norfolk
 married 6 August 1803 Tilney St. Lawrence, Norfolk

Elizabeth Clements

Ann Fysh 1782-1786
born 1782
baptized 24 February 1782, Terrington St. Clements 9
died 1786
buried 28 February 1786, Terrington St. Clements 10

Notes: The burial entry is not as clear as it might be. I am pretty sure that
it is for an Ann but am open to correction. The date is 24 or 28.

Low Fysh
 married 22 February 1819 St. Anne, Soho

Mary Rae 11

Francis Fysh born 1784
born 1784, (1851 census, Brantwood, Canada)
baptized 30 March 1784, Terrington St. Clements

Ann Tullett 12

Christopher Fysh born 1786
baptized 14 November 1786, Terrington St. Clements
 married 2 March 1816 Stow Bardolph

Elizabeth Crisp 13 born circa 1790
of Bride Street, Islington

John Fysh 1789-1875
born 1789
baptized 1 May 1789, Clenchwarton, Norfolk
died 14 April 1875, Islington, London
 married 19 August 1817 St. George, Hanover Square, London

Charlotte Fleet 1800-1875

# The parents of Thomas Fysh

His approximate date of birth, 1745, as established from the newspaper
notiec of his death, is in line with the Cockley Cley baptisms and his will
declares that he is the brother of Christopher Fysh of King's Lynn.
Bury and Norwich Post Wednesday 21 March 1821
Wednesday se'nnight. aged 76. Mr Thomas Fysh of London, many years
a respectable farmer at Clenchwarton

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