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Thomas Fish
thatcher 1
of Cockley Cley
died after 1762, (will of Christopher Hewitt of Lynn) 2
I have assumed that the Thomas Fisk (sic) and Ann Howes married at
Cockley Cley 25 January 1731/32 were the same Thomas Fish and Ann
whose children were baptized at Cockley Cley between 1739 - 1752

The children seem to start rather a long time after the marriage but
one can think of various reasons for this.

The will of Christopher Hewitt, woolen draper of Kings Lynn, made in
1760 mentions Ann Fysh of Cockley Cley, the wife of Thomas Fysh and
her son Christopher Fysh.

(see: Fish Family Notes)

married 25 January 1731/32 at Cockley Cley 3

( There is no proof that this marriage was that of the couple
who baptised children at Cockley Cley from 1737 to 1758)

died after 1762


1737 -



c1742 -

c1745 -


c1752 -


children of Thomas and Ann Fish

daughter Fysh

unknown Dunham

Ann Fish 1737-1738
born 1737
baptized 2 February 1636/37, Cockley Cley 4
died 1738
buried 22 March 1737/38, Cockley Cley 5

Amy Fish born 1739
baptized 21 September 1739, Cockley Cley 6

Notes: [fysh-cockley.FTW]

she signed the marriage register as Fysh

see also the banns of 1756 with John Haylet

 married 20 February 1759 Cockley Cley

Thomas Haylet

Ann Fish born 1741
baptized 30 August 1741, Cockley Cley 7
buried 13 January 1743/44, Cockley Cley 8

Christopher Fysh circa 1742-1822
born circa 1742
baptized 5 December 1742, Cockley Cley
died 29 August 1822
buried 19 September 1822, St. Margarets, Lynn
 married 8 September 1760 St Margaret, King's Lynn

Jane Smith 1735-1806

Thomas Fysh circa 1745-1821
born circa 1745
baptized 25 March 1745, Cockley Cley
died 14 March 1821, West Lynn, St Peter

Elizabeth Low 9 circa 1749-1802

Ann Fish born 1747
baptized 17 September 1747, Cockley Cley 10

Notes: [fysh-cockley.FTW]

husbands first name in Bps Trs is John
both made their mark
one of the witnesses was Thos. Fish who made his mark

(this Thomas Fish is not likely to be ours - he is a frequent witness
in the marriage register and died in 1812 aged 86)
The fact that she made a mark suggests that she is not the Ann of
this family

 married 29 April 1760 Cockley Cley

Robert Ram

Francis Fysh circa 1752-circa 1809
born circa 1752
baptized 23 August 1752, Cockley Cley
died circa 2 June 1809
buried 6 June 1809, All Saints, South Lynn
 married 5 October 1775 St. Nicholas, Lynn

Elizabeth Wollaston 11 1755-1807

Susan Fish born 1755
baptized 5 July 1755, Cockley Cley 12

Notes: [fysh-cockley.FTW]

both parties signed the register
witnesses: Elizabeth Spencer, Robert Waller
(an Elizabeth Fish was married to Edmund Spencer in Cockley Cley
24 June 1769 (witnesses: Edm Parsley, Robt. Tompson))

 married 11 July 1775 Cockley Cley

John Hudson

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