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Thomas Fish
died after 1762
died after 1762
Francis Fysh
tailor and woollen draper
of Kings Lynn
born circa 1752 1
baptized 23 August 1752, Cockley Cley 2
died circa 2 June 1809 3
buried 6 June 1809, All Saints, South Lynn
will dated 27 April 1808
and proved 2 September 1809, Norwich Consistory Court to George Peek and James Parlett Saddleton
According to the Estate Duty Register (PRO) he had seven children
living at the time of his death but they are unfortunatelly not listed by
name. Only one child, Jane Plowright, is named - the rest are simply
lumped together under the heading 'Six Legatees - children'.

The notice of his death in the Bury and Norwich Post Wednesday,
14 June 1809, gives his age at death as 57.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 5 October 1775 at St. Nicholas, Lynn 4

Elizabeth Wollaston


c1776 -

c1778 -


c1779 -

William Wollaston
1780 -


Jane Springwell
1791 -

1793 -


children of Francis and Elizabeth Fysh

Elizabeth Fysh born 1775
born 5 December 1775
baptized 1 July 1778, St. Nicholas, Lynn
 married 19 October 1807 St. Margarets, Kings Lynn

Charles Thistle circa 1771-circa 1846
mariner (1807)
of Union Lane, Lynn

William Fysh circa 1776-1778
born circa 1776
died 1778
buried 5 March 1778, St. Nicholas, Lynn

Martha Fysh circa 1778-1839
born circa August 1778
died 16 August 1839
buried 22 August 1839, West Acre
 married 4 June 1801 St. Margarets, Lynn

James Parlett Saddleton 5 1775-1854
silversmith and watchmaker (1830)
of 9 High Street, Lynn

Matthew Fysh born 1778
born 7 June 1778
baptized 1 July 1778, St. Nicholas, Lynn 6

Notes: I suspect that the baptism of a Mathew Fysh in St. Nicholas Parish register
may well be a mistake on the part of the minister (Charles Bagge) for
Martha, but Elizabeth Wollaston did have a brother named Matthew.
her parents and date of birth

I haven't found any trace of a Matthew Fysh anywhere else (as yet!)

Margaret Fysh circa 1779-1785
born circa May 1779, (?) 7
baptized 24 May 1780, St. Nicholas, Lynn 8
died 1785
buried 8 April 1785, St. Nicholas, Lynn

William Wollaston Fysh 1780-1835
born 10 May 1780
baptized 14 March 1782, St. Nicholas, Lynn
died 6 May 1835, Kings Lynn
 married 25 March 1803 St. Nicholas, Kings Lynn

Sarah Gray 9 circa 1782-1862
of living with her daughter Mary Kendle

Hawkins Fysh born 1788
born 22 December 1788
baptized 19 August 1789, St. Nicholas, Lynn 10

Jane Springwell Fysh 1791-after 1851
born 1791, Kings Lynn
baptized 1 January 1791, St. Nicholas, Lynn
died after 1851
 married 25 December 1811 St. Margarets, Kings Lynn

Willam Plowright 11 circa 1787-1855
grocer (1851)
of 6 Saturday Market Place, Lynn

Springwell Fysh 1793-1828
born 5 January 1793
baptized 6 November 1794, St. Nicholas, Lynn
died August 1828, [Wisbech]
 married 8 February 1818

Ann Foster 12 1794-1872
Printer (letter-press) (1830)
of Northdelf, Wisbeach

Christopher Fysh died 1795
died 1795
buried 13 August 1795, St. Margarets, Lynn

# The parents of Francis Fysh

In the Bishops Transcript for 1752/53 of the Cockley Cley parish register,
which is a beautifully written up copy, not in the hand of the person who
made the entries in the parish register, this entry is clearly:

  Frances, daugter of Thomas and Ann Fish.

I have checked the original register (13th July 2001) at the Norfolk Record
Office and the entry is:
  Francs of Thos & Ann

There is no mention of son or daughter as is usual for this rector, and the
name Francs as written gives no indication of sex. I can find
no other male Francis entry in the register in this handwriting to compare
it with but there are several female Frances entries. These are all written
out in full. I suspect, but there is of course no certainty, that this entry was
meant for a male child, name Francis.

I have now been able, to establish approximate birth years for all three
brothers, Christopher, Thomas and Francis Fysh. These tally with the bap-
tisms in the Cockley Cley register.

I am therefore assuming that these three children were baptised at
Cockley Cley, the children of Thomas and Ann Fish.

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