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Henry Kirby
died 1746
[unknown] Sturley
Nathaniel Kirby
[Sister] Sturley
Ann Kirby
born circa 1748 1
died November 1802
buried 6 November 1802, Castle Rising 2
Her parents are not known. Nathaniel Kirby made Thomas and Ann Marsters
executors of his will and left them the residue of his estate after provision for
his widow. Nathaniel Kirby named Thomas Sturley as his brother-in-law. John
Sturley, in his will of 1764, named Nathaniel Kirby as his brother-in-law. I am
currently, therefore, assuming that Anne Kirby's father was Nathaniel and her
mother a sister of the Sturleys.

married 24 November 1767 at Castle Rising 3

Thomas Marsters
circa 1744-1811
farmer (1798) 4
of Bawsey, Norfolk

1769 -

1770 -


c1773 -

children of Ann and Thomas Marsters

Mary Marsters 1769-1771
born 1769
baptized 11 November 1769, Bawsey, Norfolk 5
died 1771
buried 27 February 1771, Castle Rising 6

John Marsters 1770-1836
born 1770
baptized 11 November 1770, Bawsey, Norfolk
died 22 March 1836, Lynn
buried 26 March 1836, Gayton, Norfolk
 married (1) 3 April 1793 Gayton, Norfolk

Honor Kenney 1770-1802
 married (2) 22 October 1813 Gayton Parish Church

Ann Ellis died after 1836

Ann Marsters died 1775
died 1775
buried 11 April 1775, Castle Rising 7

Thomas Marsters circa 1773-1843
born circa 1773
died 9 August 1843
buried 18 August 1843, Gaywood, Norfolk
 married 12 June 1799 St. Stephens, Norwich

Elizabeth Wood 8 circa 1777-1864

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