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List of people in the Adkins family tree

334 individuals, 111 families, 90 surnames

Abernethy, Sarah Jane (circa 1844-1891) of King William's Town 
Adkins, Abigail (private) 
Adkins, Alistair (private) 
Adkins, Allan Robert (private) 
Adkins, Ann (born 1792) 
Adkins, Annie Thomasina May (born after 1892) 
Adkins, Barry Roy (private) 
Adkins, Bartle Benjamin (1888-1957), farmer, of Port Arlington, Fort Jackson 
Adkins, Beatrice Clarice  
Adkins, Benjamin (1755-circa 1821), blacksmith, of Wingham 1790 to 1794, Staple 1796 to 1800 and of Ash next Sandwich, Kent in 1808 to 1820 
Adkins, Benjamin (1796-1845), millwright, of Sandwich, St. Mary in 1820, of River 1825, and by 1836 of Rouen, Normandy 
Adkins, Benjamin (circa 1826-1866), engineer, of King William's Town 
Adkins, Benjamin (1831-1908), architect, of Faversham, Kent 
Adkins, Benjamin Henry (born 1859) 
Adkins, Benjamin John  
Adkins, Benjamin John (1856-before 1937), later a schoolmaster in Queenstown 
Adkins, Benjamin Ratcliffe (born 1872) 
Adkins, Bess Jeanie (born 1919) 
Adkins, Bruce Athol (private) 
Adkins, Cameron (private) 
Adkins, Catherine  
Adkins, Cecil Leonard (born 1893) 
Adkins, Charles William (1860-1930) 
Adkins, Charles Williams  
Adkins, Charlotte (born 1794) 
Adkins, Clement Henry (1904-1975) 
Adkins, Clement Herbert Walter (1871-1902) 
Adkins, Constance Olive Henrietta (1881-1946) of 'Portarlington', Fort Jackson 
Adkins, Craig (private) 
Adkins, Cyril William Clifford (1883-1960), farmer, of "Port Arlington",Fort Jackson, East London Dis 
Adkins, Dale Bernard (private) 
Adkins, Donald Bruce (private) 
Adkins, Doreen Clarice  
Adkins, Edward James  
Adkins, Eliza Jane (born 1829) 
Adkins, Ellen (born 1880) 
Adkins, Eric (1917-1919) 
Adkins, Ethel Isabella Mildred (1874-1898) 
Adkins, Evelena (born after 1904) 
Adkins, Evelyn Mary (private) 
Adkins, Florence Henrietta (1869-1962) 
Adkins, Florence Mildred Frances (1893-1951) 
Adkins, George Edward  
Adkins, George Edward (born 1891) 
Adkins, George Walter (1867-1869) 
Adkins, Gerald (born 1878), hotel keeper 
Adkins, Gertrude  
Adkins, Gertrude Blanche Clementine (1877-1964) 
Adkins, Glenda Lee (private) 
Adkins, Grant (private) 
Adkins, Harold Percy Coltman (1879-1934), farmer, of Fort Jackson 
Adkins, Harriet Sophia (born circa 1870) 
Adkins, Harrold  
Adkins, Henry (1798-1830), tailor, of Sandwich, St. Peter 
Adkins, Henry Frederick Scott (born 1890) 
Adkins, Henry James (1827-1914), general dealer, of Gonubie District 
Adkins, Henry James (1854-1938), farmer, of Portarlington, Fort Jackson 
Adkins, Henry James Clifford (private) 
Adkins, Isabella  
Adkins, James Baker (1808-circa 1835), watchmaker, of Deal, Kent 
Adkins, Jaquelene Denise (private) 
Adkins, John (circa 1832-1910), carpenter, of King William's Town 
Adkins, John Eric  
Adkins, John Smith (born circa 1830), clerk on the Brighton Railway 
Adkins, John Thomas  
Adkins, John Thomas (born 1835) 
Adkins, John William Eric (1887-1918), doctor, of Jamestown, Aliwal North District 
Adkins, Joyce (born after 1906) 
Adkins, Joyce V Eunice  
Adkins, Juliet (born circa 1824) 
Adkins, Kate Elizabeth  
Adkins, Lizzie (born after 1904) 
Adkins, Mabel Evelina May (1876-circa 1953) 
Adkins, Mabel Mildred (born 1887) 
Adkins, Mandie (died circa 1920) 
Adkins, Manfrid Benjamin (born 1891) 
Adkins, Margaret (Margo) (1922-2002) 
Adkins, Margaret Robertson (1892-1991) 
Adkins, Maria Hannah  
Adkins, Mary (1800-1807) 
Adkins, Mary Ann  
Adkins, Mary Ann  
Adkins, Mary Ann (circa 1818-before 1845) 
Adkins, Maureen Ann (born 1935) 
Adkins, Megan (private) 
Adkins, Nancy Patricia (born 1918) 
Adkins, Natasha (private) 
Adkins, Nicole (private) 
Adkins, Norma Fay (private) 
Adkins, Olive Emily  
Adkins, Oliver Thomas  
Adkins, Percival Vivian (1895-1937), advertising manager, of Ocean View Hotel, Cambridge, Cape Province 
Adkins, Percy Rutherford (born circa 1868), physician 
Adkins, Peta Jade (private) 
Adkins, Prescot Henry Ashton (circa 1879-1960), Chief Clerk, East London Elec. Dept (retired), of Rouwkoop Rd, Rondebosch, Cape 
Adkins, Robert Edward (1862-1938), storeman, of Queenstown 
Adkins, Samuel (private) 
Adkins, Scott (private) 
Adkins, Shepperson Prescott (born 1925) of Boston, USA 
Adkins, Shirley Nanette (private) 
Adkins, Sidney Charles (1864-1932) of Tsolo District 
Adkins, Sybil (born after 1906) 
Adkins, Thomas (1790-circa 1846), carpenter, (in 1841) wheelright, of Stone Cross, Worth, Kent 
Adkins, Thomas (born 1828) 
Adkins, Walter  
Adkins, William  
Adkins, William (1800-1801) 
Adkins, William Thomas (born circa 1820), drawing master 
Baar, Mary  
Baker, Mary (1767-1814) 
Blumerick, Annie Mathilda  
Bolus, unknown  
Breeds, Thomas Walter  
Bushell, Thomas Baker (born 1816), saddler, of 11 Lower Street, Deal 
Bushell, Valentine (born circa 1787), tailor, of Lower Street, Lower Deal, Kent 
Chapman, Barry  
Collopy, Catherine Ann (circa 1842-1912) 
Collopy, Edward  
Coltman, Alexander , butcher, of Kimberley 
Davis, Charles Hodding (died before 1912) 
Davis, William George (born 1883) 
Driscoll, R.  
Durno, Alan Douglas (born 1894) 
Durno, Athol Graeme  
Durno, Bruce Ian (1929-1978) 
Durno, David  
Durno, Elizabeth Marsh (private) 
Durno, Graeme  
Durno, Hector Ambrose (1895-1957) 
Durno, James Robert Hector (private) 
Durno, Janet Barbara (private) of Oamaru, New Zealand 
Durno, John (1865-1931), minister 
Durno, John Hilton (private) 
Durno, Jonathan James (private) 
Durno, Kathryn Mary (1959-1968) 
Durno, Keith (private) 
Durno, Leslie Alan Philip  
Durno, Pamela Margaret (private) 
Durno, Penelope  
Durno, Wayne (private) 
Durno, another son  
Edworthy, Jody Shane (private) 
Edworthy, Morné Neville (private) 
Edworthy, Neville David (private) 
Egginton, Patricia Anne (private) 
Farley, Ann (died 1819) 
Forbes, Allan  
Forbes, Brett (private) 
Forbes, Gareth (private) 
Forbes, Noah (private) 
Forbes, Warren Graham (private) 
Fourie, unknown  
Geddie, Winifred Vera (private) 
Gillam, Elizabeth Sarah (born 1842) 
Gillam, George Charles (1864-1865) 
Gillam, George Edward (born 1839) 
Gillam, John (circa 1811-1875), canteen keeper 
Gillam, John Louis (born 1862) 
Gillam, William James (1815-1816) 
Gillam, unknown  
Gillham, John  
Goedhals, Elizabeth Johanna (born 1892) 
Goedhals, Jacobus Lodewicus  
Grapentin, Henry  
Grapentin, Theresa (1885-1927) 
Gravett, Clive Winston (private) 
Griffiths, Louise Talmarsh (private) 
H, Rosemary  
Hammond Tooke, Andrew Graeme (private) 
Hammond Tooke, Christine Grace (private) 
Hammond Tooke, Richard Bruce (private) of Oamaru, New Zealand 
Hammond Tooke, Robert Duncan Keith (private) 
Hampson, Caroline (born 1861) 
Hampson, Dinah (born 1863) 
Hampson, Isabella (born 1866) 
Hampson, James (born circa 1824), corporal, Royal Engineers, of Fort Murray 
Hampson, John (born 1868) 
Heinonen, Lisa  
Hertslet, unknown  
Hodges, Mary  
Jackson, Louisa Ellen  
James, Barry John (private) 
James, Candice Emma (private) 
James, Katharine Claire (private) 
James, Samantha Fay (private) 
Jessop, name unknown  
Jones, Lilian Ella Mason (1904-1976) 
Junkel, unknown  
Kemp, Una (1904-1998) 
Kerr, Pamela  
King, unknown  
Lepine, Charles  of Deal, Kent 
Lepine, Charles Thomas  
Letowt Vorbek, Jolanta (private) 
Liebenberg, Anna Susanna Catharina  
Lister, Lynette  
Long, Ivy Elizabeth (died before 1978), teacher 
Louw, Martha Johanna (born circa 1866) 
MacKie, David  
MacKie, Marc (private) 
MacKie, Nicole (private) 
Marks, Ruth  
Marsh, Nola Sheila (private) 
Martin, Elizabeth (1817-1858) 
McCormick, Jane Fenton (1864-1913) 
McCormick, John  
Meintjies, Meriel (private) 
Meintjies, Monty (1923-2003) 
Meintjies, Sally (private) 
Meistré, Louise Margaret (private) 
Moffat, A.  
Newings, Mary (born circa 1796) 
Nodolo, Samuel (died before 1924) 
Olliver, Maria  
Paterson, July  
Perks, Thomas (1855-1925) 
Pettman, Caroline (born 1820) 
Pettman, William Zechariah (born 1825) 
Pettman, Zachariah , fruiterer, of Ash next Sandwich, Kent 
Petzer, Roxanne (private) 
Petzer, Theunis  
Petzer, Wesley Neville (private) 
Phillips, Aileen  
Pienaar, Deirdre Anne (private) 
Pienaar, Harry Jean (private) 
Pienaar, Salomon Cornelius Johannes (private) 
Pienaar, Samuel Kerr (private) 
Ratcliffe, Harriet (born circa 1800) 
Riddell, Joshua Christopher Aaron  
Roberts, Deborah Sheila (private) 
Roberts, Geoffrey (1931-2000), squadron leader, Royal Air Force 
Roberts, Lesley Susan (private) 
Robottom, unknown  
Rutherford, Robert , farmer 
Rutherford, Sarah (born circa 1836) 
Samuels, Lizzie (circa 1879-1924) 
Scandrett, Harriet Jessie  
Shanks, Derry  
Shanks, James  
Shanks, James , merchant 
Shanks, Sheila May (1903-circa 1942) 
Shanks, Walter (born 1875), doctor 
Shepperson, Amy Eva (1881-1939) 
Shepperson, Clarice May  
Smith, Ann (circa 1814-1874), nurse and midwife, of Taylor Street, King William's Town 
Smith, Sheila Rhoda (private) 
Snyman, Emelie Anne  
Spalding, Albert Alexander (circa 1841-1930), trader 
Spalding, Albert Alexander Matthew (born 1894) 
Spalding, Albert Edward  
Spalding, Alexander (circa 1812-1888), Colour Sergeant, Royal Sappers and Miners, of King William's Town Barracks 
Spalding, Alexander William (born 1861), trader, of Barkly West (1884) 
Spalding, Alice Elizabeth Ann (born 1870) 
Spalding, Anne (born 1835) 
Spalding, Arthur Thomas Alfred Tree (born 1869) 
Spalding, Charles Clement  
Spalding, Charles Smith (born 1857) 
Spalding, Clementina May (born 1870) 
Spalding, Dina Maria (born 1854) 
Spalding, Emma Isabel (1843-1847) 
Spalding, Ernest Cyril (born after 1884) 
Spalding, Ethel Charlotte  
Spalding, Florence Amelia  
Spalding, George (born 1849) 
Spalding, George Arthur  
Spalding, Gladys Ann  
Spalding, Henry Benjamin  
Spalding, Henry Herbert (circa 1859-1896) 
Spalding, Jessie Ivy (born 1872) 
Spalding, John (1838-before 1888) 
Spalding, Johnny (died before 1930) 
Spalding, Joseph James (1846-1915), soda water manufacturer, of King William's Town 
Spalding, Joseph James (born 1874) 
Spalding, Joseph Robert (born 1863) 
Spalding, Louisa Sarah Ann (born before 1865) 
Spalding, Mabel  
Spalding, Margaret (born and died 1851) 
Spalding, Martha (born 1852) 
Spalding, Martha Johanna (born 1895) 
Spalding, Percival John Willard  
Spalding, Robert (circa 1839-1885), farmer, of Gonubie (1861), Delport's Hope, Pniel(1872) 
Spalding, Robert William  
Spalding, Sarah (1836-1917) 
Spalding, Victoria Ann Abernethy (born after 1870) 
Spelt, George  
Sproule, Sharon  
Stafford, unknown  
Stafford, unknown  
Stevenson, Mary Ann (1856-1937) 
Stupart, Jean  
Tarr, Herbert  
Taylor, Winifred  
Thompson, Charmaine (private) 
Thompson, Deborah Ann (private) 
Thompson, Harry Aubrey (born 1937) 
Thomson, Frank (private) 
Treasurer, Catherine Ann (died after 1930) 
Van Hees, unknown  
Volkmann, Birgit (private) 
Wade, H. R.  
Waters, Linda Mary (private) 
Waters, Ronald Graham (private) 
Williard, unknown  
Wolmarans, Jacobus Johannes (Wally)  
Wolmarans, James Walter (1937-1979), architect 
Wolmarans, Jennifer , WRAF, of Alicante, Spain 
Wolmarans, Joanne  of San Francisco 
Wolmarans, Paula May  of London 
Wolmarans, Peta Jane  of London 
Wright, unknown  

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