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William Cockell Cadywold
Elizabeth Parkes
Ann Cadywold
of High Town - census return
born 3 June 1794, Kimberley, Norfolk 1
baptized 11 June 1794, Kimberly Parish Church, privately
died 9 November 1878, Burwell
married 18 November 1825 at Kimberley Parish Church, Norfolk

Edward Ball
of North Street, Burwell

1827 -

1828 -

born and died

William Riste
1832 -

1833 -

1836 -

1838 -

children of Ann Cadywold and Edward Ball

Sarah Ball 1827-1845
born 9 May 1827
baptized 21 September 1827, Burwell Independent Chapel
died 26 October 1845, Burwell

Notes: The chief characteristics of her childhood were delight in reading and
abhorrence of falsehood.

When 9 years old, she was placed in the Moravian school at Bedford. The
religious engagements of that fraternity solemnised her mind ... . The next
remove of our young friend was to W.... in Suffolk. [presumably to a school
there?] This took place in the summer of 1841, when in her 15th year. In
the summer of 1844 Sarah bade farewell to W.....

She died of consumption at the age of eighteen after having nursed her
elder sister Elizabeth in that disease.

For more notes from the memorial of Sarah Ball from which the above
information is taken see: Memorials of Life and Death, Elizabeth Ritchie.

For notes on her part in the establishement of the Burwell British School
see extracts from 'Looking Back, a brief retrospect'.

Edward Ball 1828-1842
born 16 September 1828
baptized 2 October 1828, Burwell Independent Chapel
died 6 June 1842, Burwell
buried Burwell Independent Chapel burial ground

Notes: In the spring of the following year [1842] ... Edward ... was attacked by
consumption and died after an illness of four months...
(quoted from Memorials of Life and Death, Elizabeth Ritchie)

Salisbury Ball 2 born and died 1830
born 16 June 1830, Burwell 3
died 30 July 1830 4

William Riste Ball 1832-1908
born 8 May 1832, Burwell
baptized 12 August 1828, Burwell Independent Chapel
died 12 January 1908, Burwell 5

Notes: He seems to have been mentally handicapped. From what my grandmother
told me (very guarded information given to a child and only vaguely remem-
bered) he didn't grow up but remained mentally a small child.

In his will dated 31st May 1859 his father, Edward Ball, made provision for
the establishment of a trust to look after the money he left to William, but
this seems to have been revoked in a codicil of 17th March 1865.

Up to the death of his mother in 1879 all the censuses record him as living
with his parents. In the census of 1881, after the death of his mother, he
is recorded living in North Street, Burwell, with carers. He is there recorded
as being an 'imbecile'.

Susannah Ball 1833-1890
born 29 December 1833
baptized 31 August 1834, Burwell Independent Chapel
died 6 July 1890, Begelly, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Notes: At the census of 1881 she was with her brother Frederick in Hoxton. Her
membership notes from the Burwell Independent Chapel state that she
removed to Wollaston, near Wellingborough, Northants (Frederick was
vicar there from 1881 to 1884 and she died in Begelly, Pembrokeshire so
presumably they lived together at least from 1881 until her death.

Salisbury Ball 1836-1896
born 18 May 1836, Burwell
baptized 27 November 1836, Burwell Independent Chapel
died 28 November 1896, Burwell
buried Burwell Vault
 married 26 November 1862 Halifax parish church

Emily Fielding 1838-1919

Frederick Ball 1838-1917
Easton Mauduit, Northants 1905 - 11 (1905)
born 17 January 1838, Burwell
died 15 September 1917, The Villa, Grendon, Northamptonshire
buried Easton Mauduit, Northants

Notes: In 1881 he was living at 71 Herbert Street, Shoreditch as the Vicar of
St. Mary's Hoxton and his sister Susan was living with him.

At the time of the 1901 census he was a lodger in the house of Harry
Yeatman and his family at Chedworth, Morley Road, Bournemouth.

For details of his career see Alumni Catabrigiensis 1752 - 1900, by J.A.Venn

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