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List of people in the Gous family tree

853 individuals, 267 families, 186 surnames

Adams, Ann (circa 1744-1811) 
Adams, Richard , mariner 
Addy, Peter  
Adkins, Amelia Alice Elizabeth (1865-1962) 
Laity Alexander, Nirvana (private) 
Alexander, Warren (private) 
Allcorn, Pat  
Allcorn, Paul  
Allcorn, unknown  
Andrews, Mark  
Arents, Bert  
Arents, George  
Arents, Mabel  
Arrow, James (1777-1851), Surveyor of pavements, Lynn, of Union Place, King's Lynn 
Bagge, Priscilla  
Bailey, Jane Lee  
Ball, Adrian  
Ball, Agnes (born 1606) 
Ball, Albert (born 1845), keeper of an eating house 
Ball, Albert (born circa 1874), blacksmith 
Ball, Albert (born circa 1885), shop assistant 
Ball, Albert (born circa 1917), partner with his son in Ball Welding, of Miller Lake, Ontario 
Ball, Albert E. (born circa 1868) 
Ball, Albert Edward (born circa 1880) 
Ball, Albert Ernest (1867-1868) 
Ball, Albert T. (born 1881) 
Ball, Alfred (born 1827) 
Ball, Alfred (1875-1876) 
Ball, Alfred J. (born 1849) 
Ball, Alfred John (born 1850) 
Ball, Alfred John (1853-1869) 
Ball, Alice (born 1608) 
Ball, Alice (born 1616) 
Ball, Alice (born 1630) 
Ball, Alice (born 1672) 
Ball, Alice (born 1687) 
Ball, Andrew (born 1645) 
Ball, Ann (born 1633) 
Ball, Ann (born 1636) 
Ball, Ann (born 1716) 
Ball, Ann (born 1746) 
Ball, Ann (born and died 1770) 
Ball, Ann (born 1779) 
Ball, Ann (born 1791) 
Ball, Ann (born 1820) 
Ball, Anna Louisa (1876-1947) 
Ball, Anna Maria (born 1820), housekeeper 
Ball, Anna Mary (1849-1877) 
Ball, Annes (born 1575) 
Ball, Annie (born circa 1886), laundress 
Ball, Annie Elizabeth (born 1863) 
Ball, Anthea Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Ashley (private) 
Ball, Benjamin (born 1648) 
Ball, Benjamin (born 1740) 
Ball, Bertha Ellen (born 1875) 
Ball, Bridget (1682-1691) 
Ball, Caroline (born 1833) 
Ball, Caroline (born 1875) of 17 Middle St, Hastings Holy Trinity, Sussex 
Ball, Charles (born 1832) 
Ball, Charles (1852-1931), blacksmith and publican, of 3 Waterloo Terrace, St. Leonards 
Ball, Charles (born 1864) 
Ball, Charles (born circa 1876) 
Ball, Charles A. (born circa 1887) 
Ball, Charles Albert (1860-1898) 
Ball, Charles Edward (circa 1882-1916) 
Ball, Charles Robert (born 1885) 
Ball, Charlotte (born and died 1824) 
Ball, Charlotte (born circa 1833) 
Ball, Charlotte (born circa 1853) 
Ball, Charlotte (born circa 1853) 
Ball, Charlotte (born 1865) 
Ball, Christopher Henry (1836-1855), apprentice to his father 
Ball, Christopher Henry (born circa 1857), journalist 
Ball, Christopher James (private) 
Ball, Clara Grace (1866-1948) 
Ball, Clarissa Clara (born 1824) 
Ball, Cleme (born 1641) 
Ball, Clement Saddleton (1890-1955) of Plumstead, Cape Town 
Ball, Clifford Walter (private) 
Ball, Colleen Edith Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Daisy Florence Blanch (born 1883) 
Ball, David  
Ball, Deborah Ann Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Delia  
Ball, Derek Leslie Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Desmond Francis (1922-1994) 
Ball, Desmond Joseph (private) of Glencairn, Fish Hoek 
Ball, Dick (born 1816) 
Ball, Doris Annie (born 1902) 
Ball, Dorothy (private) 
Ball, Dorothy Florence (born 1912) 
Ball, Edith (born circa 1897) 
Ball, Edith Kate (born 1874) 
Ball, Edward (born and died 1792) 
Ball, Edward (1793-1865), farmer, of North Street, Burwell 
Ball, Edward (1818-1822) 
Ball, Edward (1824-1829) 
Ball, Edward (1828-1842) 
Ball, Edward (born circa 1878) 
Ball, Edward (born circa 1879) 
Ball, Edward Fitzroy (born 1858), railway clerk, of Eccleshill, York 1881, Luton, Beds, 1891 and 1901 
Ball, Edward Francis (born 1831), confectioner 
Ball, Edward Marsters (1852-1924) of Christchurch, New Zealand 
Ball, Edward Marsters (1882-1962), Dairy Farmer 
Ball, Edward Marsters (1920-1999) 
Ball, Edward Russell (born 1814) 
Ball, Edward Salisbury (1899-1986) 
Ball, Edward Samuel (1838-1912), wheelwright, of 21 Alma Terrace, Hastings 
Ball, Edward Thomas Adkins (born 1926) of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Edward Wallace (born 1863) of Hollington in 1891, Silverhill, Hastings in 1901 
Ball, Eleanor Florence (born circa 1880) 
Ball, Eliza (1809-1848), dressmaker, of All Saints Street, Hastings 
Ball, Eliza (born circa 1828) 
Ball, Eliza Susannah (born 1827) of 1 Williams Row, Hastings 
Ball, Elizabeth  
Ball, Elizabeth (born and died 1607) 
Ball, Elizabeth (before 1613-1615/16) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1613) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1633) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born and died 1640) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born and died 1640) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1642) 
Ball, Elizabeth (1703-1706) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1750) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1751) 
Ball, Elizabeth (circa 1780-1845) 
Ball, Elizabeth (1781-1850) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1795) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born 1812) 
Ball, Elizabeth (born and died 1941) 
Ball, Elizabeth Ann (1820-1854) 
Ball, Elizabeth Anne (private) of Sun Valley, Fish Hoek 
Ball, Elizabeth Wellerd (born 1814) 
Ball, Ellen (born 1860) 
Ball, Ellen A. (born circa 1890) 
Ball, Ellen Elizabeth  
Ball, Elsie (born 1905) 
Ball, Elsie May (1897-1964) 
Ball, Emily (1874-1916) 
Ball, Ernest Frederick (1857-1932) 
Ball, Ernest Leslie (1890-1965), Painter and paperhanger 
Ball, Ernest Leslie (1893-1971) of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Ethal Adeline (1894-1905) 
Ball, Ethal May (1912-1948) 
Ball, Ethel (born circa 1894) 
Ball, Ethel V. (born circa 1890) 
Ball, Eustace Thwaites (1899-1989) 
Ball, Everett F. (1898-1925) 
Ball, Florence (born circa 1880) 
Ball, Florence Fielding (1871-1952) 
Ball, Florence Mary (1880-1902) 
Ball, Frank  
Ball, Frank (1869-1934) 
Ball, Frank (born circa 1896) 
Ball, Frank Stanley (1887-1972), bricklayer 
Ball, Frederick  
Ball, Frederick  
Ball, Frederick (born 1826), lodginghouse cook 
Ball, Frederick (1838-1917), Easton Mauduit, Northants 1905 - 11 
Ball, Frederick (1863-1908) 
Ball, Frederick (1880-1954) 
Ball, Frederick (born circa 1882), Labourer 
Ball, Frederick (born circa 1884), school teacher 
Ball, Frederick Charles (born 1905) 
Ball, Frederick Eustace (1869-1932), farmer , of Knodishall Hall, Knodishall, Suffolk 
Ball, Frederick James (1885-1955), Bricklayer 
Ball, Frederick K. (born 1841) 
Ball, Fredrick S. (born circa 1883) 
Ball, Geoffery David (private) 
Ball, George  
Ball, George (1798-1862), mariner and fisherman, of East Street, Hastings 
Ball, George (born 1822) 
Ball, George (born 1830), fisherman 
Ball, George (1848-1866) 
Ball, George (1884-1925) 
Ball, George Edward (born 1916) 
Ball, George Victor (born circa 1864) 
Ball, Gertrude E.J. (born 1880) 
Ball, Gladys (born and died 1900) 
Ball, Grace Elizabeth (born 1906) 
Ball, Graeme  
Ball, Graham Francis (private) 
Ball, Gwen Alice (private) 
Ball, Hannah (1689-1742) 
Ball, Hannah (born 1726) 
Ball, Harold (1881-1882) 
Ball, Harold Salisbury (born 1904) 
Ball, Harold Walter (1901-1971), clerk, South African Railways, of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Harriet (born 1816) 
Ball, Harriet (1822-1823) 
Ball, Harriet (born 1825) 
Ball, Harriet (born 1842) 
Ball, Harriet (born circa 1857) 
Ball, Harriet Mary Ann (born 1845) 
Ball, Harry (1576-1612) 
Ball, Harry (1863-1944) 
Ball, Hayden Nicolas (private) 
Ball, Henry (before 1558-before 1587), fisherman 
Ball, Henry (1603-before 1613) 
Ball, Henry (born 1614) 
Ball, Henry (born circa 1830) 
Ball, Henry (born circa 1833), fisherman, of 6 Post Office Passage 
Ball, Henry (born 1856), fish packer, of 7 Scriven Buildings, Hastings 
Ball, Henry (born circa 1878) 
Ball, Henry Herbert Adkins (1891-1969), clerk, South African Railways, of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Herbert  
Ball, Herbert (born circa 1867) 
Ball, Herbert (born and died 1878) 
Ball, Herbert (born 1902) 
Ball, Herbert Charles (1921-1995) of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Herbert Leslie Saddeton (1921-1983) 
Ball, Herbert Saddleton (1861-1935), goods superintendent, Cape Town, South African Railways, of Southfield Road, Plumstead, Cape 
Ball, Herbert Saddleton (1905-1953), manager, Ball's Chutney, of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Herbert W. (born circa 1892) 
Ball, Hilda Joyce (born and died 1916) 
Ball, Howard Saddleton  
Ball, Hunter (private) 
Ball, Ida M. (born 1899) 
Ball, Irene Mary (born 1918) 
Ball, Ivy (born circa 1892) 
Ball, Jacqualine  
Ball, James (circa 1792-1862), Wheelwright, of West Hill, Hasting 
Ball, James (1808-1863), fishmonger, of 9 Marina, Hastings 
Ball, James (born 1830) 
Ball, James (born circa 1831), fisherman , of 1851, 7 Wellington Terrace 1861, 6 Wellington Cottages 1871, 8 Wellington Court, Hastings St Clement 
Ball, James (1836-1838) 
Ball, James (born circa 1838), road carriage factor (Smith) 
Ball, James (born circa 1861) 
Ball, James Albert (born and died 1863) 
Ball, James Edward (1865-1936) 
Ball, James H. (born 1862), fisherman 
Ball, James Marsters (private), Plumber 
Ball, James Thomas (born and died 1819) 
Ball, Jameson (born 1839) 
Ball, Jane (born and died 1841) 
Ball, Jason Alex (private) 
Ball, Jean Faircliff (born 1923) 
Ball, Joan  
Ball, Joan (born 1610) 
Ball, Joan (born 1610) 
Ball, Joan (born 1619) 
Ball, Joan (born 1621) 
Ball, Joan (born 1626) 
Ball, Joan (born 1627) 
Ball, Joan (born 1651) 
Ball, Joane (1633-1639) 
Ball, John (died 1699) 
Ball, John  
Ball, John , Wheewright, of London  
Ball, John (1585-1625) 
Ball, John (1604-1667) 
Ball, John (1618-1623) 
Ball, John (born 1623) 
Ball, John (born 1636) 
Ball, John (born 1637) 
Ball, John (born 1637), master of the barque 'The Margery' 
Ball, John (1661-1699) 
Ball, John (born 1663) 
Ball, John (1671-1756) 
Ball, John (born and died 1680) 
Ball, John (1692-1752) 
Ball, John (1701-1702) 
Ball, John (circa 1720-1793), fisherman, of Hastings 
Ball, John (born 1721) 
Ball, John (1723-1724) 
Ball, John (after 1723-after 1742/43) 
Ball, John (1751-1752) 
Ball, John (born 1753) 
Ball, John (1753-1827), Wheelwright, of Hastings 
Ball, John (born and died 1776) 
Ball, John (1776-1801) 
Ball, John (born 1806), grocer, of Bourne Street, Hastings (1841) 14 East Bourne Street, Hastings (1851) 
Ball, John (born circa 1813) 
Ball, John (born 1824), mariner, fisherman and ferryman(1871), of off All Saints Street, Hastings 
Ball, John (1851-1883), waterman on sea, of Provincial Cottage, Havelock Road 
Ball, John (born circa 1889) 
Ball, John A. (born circa 1855) 
Ball, John Adkins (private) of Pinelands, Cape Town 
Ball, John James (born 1836), confectioner 
Ball, John William (born 1884) 
Ball, Joseph (born 1834), confectioner 
Ball, Julia Ann (1866-1932) 
Ball, Kate Elizabeth (born 1877) 
Ball, Katherine (1607-before 1613) 
Ball, Kenneth Robert (1933-1959) of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Laura (born circa 1841) 
Ball, Lesley Desmond (private) 
Ball, Lesley Thomas Thwaites (born 1926) 
Ball, Leslie Marsters (1925-1927) 
Ball, Lily (1878-1960) 
Ball, Lois (born circa 1888) 
Ball, Louisa (born circa 1839) 
Ball, Lucille (born and died 1945) 
Ball, Lucy A. (born circa 1859) 
Ball, Lynn Constance (private) 
Ball, Mabel (born circa 1890) 
Ball, Margaret Ann  
Ball, Margaret Mary  
Ball, Margaret Mary (private) 
Ball, Margaret Winifred (1903-1984) 
Ball, Margery (born 1635) 
Ball, Margery (born 1674) 
Ball, Margherita Winifred (1894-circa 1900) 
Ball, Marina  
Ball, Mark (1605-1654), master of the fishing barque 'The Little Elizabeth' 
Ball, Mark (born 1642) 
Ball, Markes (1601-before 1613) 
Ball, Mary  
Ball, Mary (born and died 1614) 
Ball, Mary (1615-1617) 
Ball, Mary (born and died 1626) 
Ball, Mary (born 1646) 
Ball, Mary (born 1683) 
Ball, Mary (born 1747) 
Ball, Mary (born and died 1783) 
Ball, Mary (born 1823) 
Ball, Mary Ann (born 1818) 
Ball, Mary Ann (born 1821), dressmaker 
Ball, Mary Elizabeth (born circa 1861), school teacher 
Ball, Mary Henrietta Jane (born 1831) 
Ball, Mary Jane (born 1871) 
Ball, Mary L. (born circa 1899) 
Ball, Maureen Heloise Saddleton (born 1924) 
Ball, Maureen Ruby (private) 
Ball, May  
Ball, May (1878-circa 1881) 
Ball, Michael  
Ball, Michael David Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Mikaela Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Mildred (born circa 1887) 
Ball, Mildred Mary Thwaites (1896-circa 1960) 
Ball, Minnie (born 1861), servant (cook) 
Ball, Minnie Nellie Ethel (1915-1999) 
Ball, Natalie Marie (private) 
Ball, Natasha Terena (private) 
Ball, Nellie Ruth (born circa 1881) 
Ball, Noel Murray (1901-1961), farmer  
Ball, Octavius (1862-1935) 
Ball, Olive (born circa 1899) 
Ball, Patricia Margaret (private) 
Ball, Percy Fielding (1864-1930) 
Ball, Peter (born and died 1681) 
Ball, Peter (born 1686) 
Ball, Peter Graeme (born and died 1950) 
Ball, Phyllis Ruth (born 1917) 
Ball, Raewyn Saddleton  
Ball, Raymond (born circa 1925) 
Ball, Renee  
Ball, Richard (1608-1645), fisherman, of Hastings 
Ball, Richard (born 1631) 
Ball, Richard (1639-before 1645) 
Ball, Richard (1645-1696), fisherman, master of the barque 'Richard and John', of St. Clements, Hastings 
Ball, Richard (born 1668) 
Ball, Richard (born and died 1673) 
Ball, Richard (1678-1686) 
Ball, Richard (1690-1755), weaver, of Hastings 
Ball, Richard (1707-1711) 
Ball, Richard (1718-1786), mariner, of Hastings 
Ball, Richard (born and died 1747) 
Ball, Richard (1748-1806) 
Ball, Richard (1773-1852), Licensee of the Ship Inn, Hastings, of 77, High Street, Hastings 
Ball, Richard (circa 1785-1802) 
Ball, Richard (born 1815) 
Ball, Richard (1819-1895), corn & manure merchant, of North Street, Burwell, later Minneapolis 
Ball, Richard (born 1820), wheelwright, of 45 All Saints Street 
Ball, Richard (circa 1854-1929), fisherman, of 2 Bourn Walk, Hastings 
Ball, Richard F. (born circa 1880), brass turner 
Ball, Richard Marsters (1856-1931) 
Ball, Richard Walter (private), nurseryman (since 1988), formerly librarian, of Forncett St. Mary, Norfolk 
Ball, Robert (before 1558-1605) 
Ball, Robert (1579-before 1624/25) of Hastings 
Ball, Robert (1621-before 1683) 
Ball, Robert (born 1635) 
Ball, Robert (born 1657) 
Ball, Robert (born 1664) 
Ball, Robert (born 1676) 
Ball, Robert (1682-1687) 
Ball, Robert (born 1724) 
Ball, Robert (1748-1800), Licensee of the Ship Inn, Hastings 
Ball, Robert (1771-1830) 
Ball, Robert (born 1793) 
Ball, Robert (1801-1857) 
Ball, Robert (born circa 1852) 
Ball, Robert R.B. (born circa 1900) 
Ball, Robin Charles (born 1910) 
Ball, Rodney  
Ball, Ronald  
Ball, Ronald Ernest Volsteedt (private) 
Ball, Rosalie Kate (1866-1869) 
Ball, Rose Amelia (born circa 1879) 
Ball, Rose M. (born 1895) 
Ball, Ross James (private) 
Ball, Salisbury (born and died 1830) 
Ball, Salisbury (1836-1896), farmer, miller & coprolite raiser, of The Parsonage, Burwell 
Ball, Salisbury (born and died 1870) 
Ball, Salisbury (1872-1943) 
Ball, Sarah (1827-1845) 
Ball, Sarah (born circa 1878) 
Ball, Sarah Ann (born 1867) 
Ball, Sarah Ann (1886-1973) 
Ball, Sarah Harriet (born and died 1847) 
Ball, Sean Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Shane Saddleton  
Ball, Sharon  
Ball, Sharon Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Sheila Murray (private) 
Ball, Siobahn Saddleton (private) 
Ball, Stephen (born circa 1880) 
Ball, Susan (1674-1676) 
Ball, Susan (born and died 1688) 
Ball, Susan (born and died 1753) 
Ball, Susan (born 1761) 
Ball, Susanna (born 1704) 
Ball, Susanna (born 1784) 
Ball, Susanna (born 1784) 
Ball, Susannah (born 1692) 
Ball, Susannah (born 1816), dressmaker 
Ball, Susannah (1833-1890) 
Ball, Terry  
Ball, Thomas (1634-1635) 
Ball, Thomas (1694-1744), mariner 
Ball, Thomas E. (born and died 1901) 
Ball, Thomas Llewellyn (1859-1909) 
Ball, Thomas Richard (private), plumber 
Ball, Thomas Saddleton (private) of Fish Hoek 
Ball, Thomas Thwaites (1822-1901), Chemical Manufacturer, of 116 Chesterton Road, Chesterton, Cambridgeshire 
Ball, Thomas Thwaites (1887-1895) 
Ball, Thomas Thwaites (1900-1961), Bricklayer 
Ball, Victor Herber (born 1886) 
Ball, Victor J.B. (born circa 1893) 
Ball, Wallace (born circa 1871) 
Ball, Walter George (1833-1893), publican 
Ball, Walter Thwaites (born 1856) 
Ball, William (died 1559), Fisherman, of Hastings, Sussex 
Ball, William (1602-1669), master of the barque 'The Willing Maid' 
Ball, William (born 1638) 
Ball, William (1677-1687) 
Ball, William (born and died 1680) 
Ball, William (born 1684) 
Ball, William (1757-1827) 
Ball, William (born 1781) 
Ball, William (circa 1787-1839), wheelwright, of St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings 
Ball, William (1804-1882), fishmonger, of 2 Castle Street, Hastings 
Ball, William (born 1823) 
Ball, William (born 1833), fisherman, of 1 William Row, Hastings 
Ball, William (born circa 1864), wheelwright 
Ball, William (born 1871) 
Ball, William Charles (1840-1904), wheelwright, of 'The Duke', Duke Road, Silverhill (name change) 
Ball, William Charles (born and died 1883) 
Ball, William H. (born circa 1847) 
Ball, William Henry (born circa 1879) 
Ball, William Herbert , solicitor's clerk 
Ball, William J. (born circa 1881), Labourer 
Ball, William Marchant (born 1814), wheelwright, of 21 Leete Street, Chelsea 
Ball, William Richard (1829-1880), labourer 
Ball, William Richard (born circa 1877) 
Ball, William Riste (1832-1908) 
Ball, William Wren (born 1858), fisherman, of 1881: 16 Brewery Cottages, Hastings 1891: 26 Brewery Cottages, St Clements, Hastings 1901: 9 Salisbury Road, Bexhill 
Ball, Winifred (born circa 1869) 
Ball, Winifred (1877-1887) 
Ball, Winifred Jane (circa 1862-1867) 
Ball, unnamed baby (born and died 1896) 
Barry, Ann  
Bayley, Elizabeth  
Bell, Isabel Ruth (died 1923) 
Benkelman, Ruth (1894-1972) 
Berry, Mark  
Bint, Elaine (private) 
Booty, Susan (died 1703) 
Botes, Mary Ann (1912-1996) 
Boyce, Elizabeth (1856-1933) 
Bradley, Carolyn  
Bumstead, Alfred (born circa 1874) 
Bumstead, Charlotte (born circa 1876) 
Bumstead, Elizabeth A. (born circa 1867) 
Bumstead, James (born circa 1869) 
Bumstead, James William (born 1845), fisherman, of New Cottage Eastbourne St, Hastings 
Bumstead, Stephen (born circa 1871) 
Cadenhead, Jean  
Cadywold, Ann (1794-1878) of High Town - census return 
Caldcleugh, Lucy  of Durham 
Carpenter, Mae Benkelman (born 1896) 
Chesterfield, Jane (born circa 1819) of Leete Street, Chelsea 
Choule, James  
Clark, George , smith 
Clarke, Charles (born 1818), fisherman 
Clarke, John  
Clevett, John  
Cobby, Mary  
Cockett, Albert H. (born circa 1884) 
Cockett, Edward C. (born circa 1887) 
Cockett, Emma L.M. (born circa 1886) 
Cockett, Harry (born 1864), joiner, of 9 Oban Terrace, Hastings 
Cockett, Kate (born circa 1897) 
Cockett, Nellie (born circa 1890) 
Cockett, Richard (born circa 1894) 
Cole, Greg (private) 
Copping, Arther Dennis (born 1920) 
Copping, Donald  
Copping, Mary Ann  
Cosens, Mark  
Crowther, Elizabeth  
Dadson, Ronald Edgar (private) 
Daniel, Dorothy  
Danvers, Mary Gillian (private) 
Davidson, Eliza Mary Ann (circa 1838-before 1901) 
Davidson, George Roderick (died before 1877) 
Davidson, Henry  of Castle Road, Kentish Town 
Davidson, Lottie  
Delay, Brenda Jean (private) 
Delay, Dorothy (1930-1996) 
Delay, Ernest John (1906-1980), Park Constable, of 15 St. Mary's Terrace, Hastings 
Delay, Ernest John Ball (circa 1877-1949), laundryman, of 34 Bulverhythe Road, Hastings 
Delay, Jack  
Delay, Jeremiah (born 1832) 
Delay, Margaret (private) of 17 Quantock Gardens, Hastings 
Delay, Pearl  
Delie, Patricia (private) 
Desmond, Margaret Mary (1892-1955) 
Devers, Alice (1856-1917) 
Dimita, Nicola  
Dorney, Agnes (born 1562) 
Dorney, Agnes (born 1564) 
Dorney, Elizabeth (born 1589) 
Dorney, John  
Dorney, Margery (born 1572) 
Dorney, Thomas (born 1566) 
Drinker, Ann  
Dulake, Alfred (died before 1846) 
Dulake, Alfred (born 1834) 
Dulake, Eliza (born 1836) 
Dunford, Alfred Horace  
Dunn, Ann (1795-1824) 
Dyson, Hilda Gladys  
Easton, Grace Harriet Adey (died 1968) 
Eldridge, Arthur  
Ellen, (circa 1833-circa 1867) 
Ellis, Ann  
Ellis, William  
Errington, Mary Eleanor  
Faircliff, Mary Jane (died 1942) 
Falck, May  
Fawtlie, John  
Field, Heather (Jenni) (private) 
Fielding, Emily (1838-1919) 
Fisher, Arthurine Doris (died 1938) 
Fitzgerald, Marisa Jane (private) 
Foord, Lois (born circa 1860), laundress 
Fox, Desmond  
Fox, Renee Joyce (born 1925) 
Fox, Valerie Jessie (born 1922) 
Fraser, Alexander Adolphs  
Fraser, Herbert Ball  
Frith, Esau  
Frith, Jacob  
Frith, John  
Frith, John  
Frith, Mary  
Frith, Mary  
Gawen, Ann (born 1650) 
Gawen, John (1595-before 1633) 
Gawen, Mary (born 1599) 
Gawen, Mary (born 1651) 
Gawen, Philip (born circa 1656) 
Gawen, Thomas (circa 1570-circa 1645), mariner, of All Saints, Hastings 
Gawen, Thomas (1653-before 1697) 
Gawne, Elizabeth (born 1628) 
Gawne, John (1630-before 1641) 
Gawne, Mary  
Gawne, Mary (born 1625) 
Gawne, Thomas (1623-1697), mariner, of Hastings 
Goodall, Mary E. (born 1859) 
Gornall, Caroline  
Gornall, George (private) 
Grant, Donna Marie (private) 
Hales, Dorothy (1692-1737) 
Hales, Richard  
Harman, Dorothy (born 1906) 
Hart, Eunice  
Hayward, Percy  
Hew, Mary (born 1715) 
Hook, George  
Hook, James (born 1828), fisherman, of 1 Williams Row, Hastings 
Howlett, Sarah  
Hussey, Jone (Jane)  
van Huysten, Garth  
van Huysten, Justin (private) 
Johnston, Ruby  
Jones, Ellen (born circa 1841) 
Jones, Matilda  
de Jongh, Anna Maria Wilhelmina (1862-1954) 
Joubert, Wayne (private) 
Judge, Charles (born circa 1833), carpenter, of 33 St. Mary's Terrace, Hastings 
Kemp, Jessie Bulloch (1860-1914) 
King, Hugh  
Kirkham, Fanny  
Laity, Amy (private) 
Laity, Chelsea (private) 
Laity, Gabrielle (private) 
Laity, Hugh Trevellyan (private) 
Lamb, Alfred John (born 1924) 
Lamb, Gideon (1895-1964) 
Lamb, Mary (born 1844) 
Larkin, Daisy  
Larkin, Florence  
Law, Alan  
Law, Philip John (private) 
Law, Sarah Anne (private) 
Lovell, Joan  
Luckett, Ann (died 1607) 
Mann, Eileen  
Maple, Ann (circa 1844-1901) 
Marr, Caroline M.  
Marsters, Elizabeth (1826-1901) 
Marsters, Mary Saddleton (1825-1876) 
McCormick, Catherine Terena  
McKnight, Nigel  
Milne, Thelma (born 1915) 
Moon, Ann (born circa 1824) 
Moon, Robert  
Morfee, Harriet (born circa 1857) 
Morfee, Stephen , sailor 
Morley, Ada (circa 1863-1955) 
Morris, Bridget Jane (1851-1925) 
Morris, John (born circa 1815), bathchair man, of 17 Middle St, Hastings Holy Trinity, Sussex 
Munday, James  
Murray, Elizabeth Frances  
Murray, William , manager of waterworks 
Nash, Samuel , mariner 
Nel, Rosemary Elizabeth  
van Niekerk, Johan  
Ovenden, Sarah Ann (circa 1848-1886) 
Palmer, Margery (1637-1706) 
Palmer, Thomas  
Penbuckle, Joan  
Penny, Waveney Cherer (born 1922) 
Peters, Ernest , carpenter 
Philip, Mark  
Phillip, John  
Phillips, Ann (circa 1755-1832) 
Phillips, Elizabeth  of 2 Castle Terrace, St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings 
Phillips, James (died 1709) 
Phillips, James (1707-1709) 
Phillips, John  
Piper, Charlotte Eliza (born 1849) 
Piper, John  
Piper, Mary Ann (born 1850) 
Piper, Richard  
Playford, Elizabeth (died 1881) 
Pratt, Adeline Jessie (died 1979) 
Prior, Ellen Alice  
Pumfree, William  
Pyme, Robert  
Rawlinson, William , smith 
Rede, Alice  
van Rensburg, Elizabeth Anne Gertruida (1913-1987) 
Riches, A.  
Rogers, Kathleen Diane (private) 
Russell, Andrew  
Russell, Dean  
Russell, Mary (circa 1788-1827) 
Russell, Stephanie  
Russell, Thomas  
Sargent, Ann (circa 1770-1847) 
Sargent, Eliza (born before 1837), servant 
Sargent, George  
Satterley, William (died before 1825) 
Schofield, Anne (1866-1945) of Sowerby 
Schofield, Joseph  
Secura, Elizabeth  
Skeeche, Margery  
Skites, Agnes  
Smith, Olive Beatrice Stafford (1905-1978) 
Smith, Sidney  
Spice, Alice (born circa 1877) 
Spice, William Richard (born 1850), fly proprietor 
Staak, Audrey Joan (private) 
Stafford, Mary  
Stanbinorth, Filles (born 1599) 
Standbynorth, Bridget (died circa 1667) 
Standen, Sarah Elizabeth (born 1854) 
Stevenson, Paul (born 1637) 
Stevenson, Thomas (born 1642) 
Stevenson, William (born circa 1600) 
Stevenson, William (born 1634) 
Stonestreet, William (1876-1917) 
Stunt, David (born circa 1828), plasterer, of 11 Hill Street, Hastings 
Stunt, Louisa (born 1881) 
Sutton, John  
Sutton, Samson (born 1819), fisherman 
Thatcher, Ann (born 1669) 
Thatcher, Elizabeth (1681-1742) 
Thatcher, John (died 1695), mariner, of Hastings 
Thatcher, John (born 1678) 
Thatcher, Mary (born 1675) 
Thatcher, Robert (born circa 1684) 
Thatcher, Thomas (born 1672) 
Thatcher, William (born 1690) 
Thomas, Harriet (circa 1798-1846) 
Thompson, Frank W.  of Elwood, Mass. 
Thompson, Mathilda  
Thompson, Richard  
Thompson, Richard Berwick (born before 1827), shipwright, of Portsmouth 
Thwaites, Elizabeth (1764-1839) 
Tindall, William  
Tipper, Gail Leslie Edith (private) 
Tipper, Michael John Howard (private) 
Tipper, William Jess (born 1924) 
Tisehurst, ?  
Todd, William Herbert (private) 
Volsteedt, Balthazaar Nicholas Fock (1862-1946) 
Volsteedt, Johanna Maria Wilhelmina (1891-1962) 
Walker, Barbara (private) 
Walles, Dougles (private) 
Walles, Gordon (died 1999) 
Warburton, George  
Wase, Ann (private) 
Wase, David Harvey (private) 
Wase, Fredercik Homer (died 1974) 
Wase, Mary Fielding (private) 
Wase, Michael (private) 
Wase, Susan (private) 
Waters, Emma Rebecca (born 1871) 
Waters, James William (died before 1897), publican 
Welch, Edith Lucy  
Wellerd, Winifred (circa 1793-1838) 
Wellice, Mary  
West, Albert  
Wester, Henry Lawrence  
Whales, Thomas , mariner, of Hastings 
Wheeler, Agnes (born 1611) 
Wheeler, Clemence (1609-1654) 
Wheeler, Elizabeth (born 1571) 
Wheeler, James  
Wheeler, James (born 1599) 
Wheeler, John (born 1576) 
Wheeler, Katharyne (born 1566) 
Wheeler, Markes (born 1607) 
Wheeler, Richard (born 1573) 
Wheeler, Richard (born 1601) 
Wheeler, Sibelle (born 1562) 
White, Edward  
White, Mary Ann (born circa 1849) 
Wigmore, Frederick Ball (born 1897) 
Wigmore, Helen Ball (born 1900) 
Wigmore, John Arthur Henry (died 1909) of London 
Wigmore, Kathleen Ball (born 1898) 
Wildy, Lydia Caroline (died 1929) 
Williams, Barbara (private) 
Williams, Bruce (private) 
Williams, Frank H. (private) 
Williams, Lucy J.  
Williams, Richard (private) 
Williams, Shirley  
Wilmot, Veronica  
Winchester, Thomas (born 1872) 
Wingfield, Henry (died before 1746) of All Saints, Hastings 
Wingfield, John  
Wingfield, Susan (circa 1720-1781) 
Winsall, Elizabeth (circa 1812-1874) 
Winsall, Thomas , tailor 
Wise, Jane (born circa 1836) 
Wood, Alice (died 1587) 
Wood, John  
Wood, Susan (born 1830) 
Wood, Thomas  of Midley and Lydd, Kent 
Woodcock, Alfred  
Woodcock, Julia (born circa 1859) 
Woods, Charles  of Johannesburg 
Woods, Constance Mary Pearl (1894-1952) 
Wren, Caroline (1823-1889) 
Wren, William , shoemaker 
Wynfilde, Henry  
Ziegler, Harry William (1914-1976), furniture maker 

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