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Jane Wise 1
born circa 1836, Sedlescombe, Sussex
married 21 June 1860 at Sedlescombe Parish Church, Sussex 2

Edward Samuel Ball
of 21 Alma Terrace, Hastings 3


Edward Wallace

b. c1864

b. c1867

b. c1871

b. c1874

b. c1876

b. c1878

1880 -

children of Jane Wise and Edward Samuel Ball

Minnie Ball born 1861
born 1861, Hastings
baptized 26 May 1870, St. Matthew, St. Leonards
 married 23 July 1883 St. Matthew, St. Leonards

Harry Cockett 4 born 1864
joiner (1891)
of 9 Oban Terrace, Hastings

Edward Wallace Ball born 1863
born 17 November 1863
baptized 26 May 1870, St. Matthew, St. Leonards
buried 8 September 1924, Church in the Wood, Hollington
 married 12 October 1889 St. Matthew, St. Leonards

Ellen Alice Prior

William Ball born circa 1864
wheelwright (1881)
born circa 1864, Hastings

Herbert Ball born circa 1867
born circa 1867, Hastings 5
baptized 17 November 1863, St. Mary in the Castle 6

Wallace Ball born circa 1871
born circa 1871, Hastings

Albert Ball born circa 1874
born circa 1874, Hastings
 married 26 April 1913 St. Leonards. Hastings

Alice Spice born circa 1877

Charles Ball born circa 1876
born circa 1876, Hastings

Sarah Ball born circa 1878
born circa 1878, Hastings
 married circa 1922

Albert West 7

Frederick Ball 1880-1954
born September 1880, Crowhurst, Sussex
died 16 March 1954
 married October 1904 St. Matthew, St. Leonards, Sussex

Grace Harriet Adey Easton died 1968

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