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William Marchant Ball
born 1814
Elizabeth Winsall
circa 1812-1874
Edward Samuel Ball
Jane Wise
born circa 1836
Minnie Ball
servant (cook) (1881)
born 1861, Hastings 1
baptized 26 May 1870, St. Matthew, St. Leonards
Information for this family comes from the 1891 and 1901
census, kindly supplied by Bryan Spice.

At the census of 1891 the whole family was living in the same
house, 9 Oban Terrace, St Leonards, with Edward and Jane
ball, Minnie Ball's parents, and their children.

I thank Paul G. Clarke who emailed me in December 2006 with
the following information provided by his mother, aged 84,
who tells us that there were 8 children that she knew of:

Edward, known as Ted
Richard, my Motherís Father, born 31st Dec but not sure of the
year but 1894 would be a good guess
Harry, went to Ireland possibly with the Police
Kate, known as Kitty
Louise, known as Lou, assume this is Emma L on your chart but
Mother knew her as Auntie Louise or Lou

married 23 July 1883 at St. Matthew, St. Leonards

Harry Cockett
born 1864
joiner (1891)
of 9 Oban Terrace, Hastings 2

Albert H.
b. c1884

Emma L.M.
b. c1886

Edward C.
b. c1887

b. c1890

b. c1894

b. c1897

children of Minnie Ball and Harry Cockett

Albert H. Cockett born circa 1884

Emma L.M. Cockett born circa 1886

Edward C. Cockett born circa 1887

Nellie Cockett born circa 1890

Richard Cockett born circa 1894

Kate Cockett born circa 1897

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