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George Ball
Harriet Thomas
circa 1798-1846
William Wren
John Ball
born 1824
Caroline Wren
William Wren Ball 1
of 1881: 16 Brewery Cottages, Hastings
1891: 26 Brewery Cottages, St Clements, Hastings
1901: 9 Salisbury Road, Bexhill
born 1858, Hastings 3
His seafaring career started when he was quite young, for at the age of nine he worked
on the fishing luggers which left Hastings to meet the herring shoals in the North Sea
and the mackerel in the Irish Sea. When a young man he became a waterman, and with
his late brother, Richard, hew was undefeated in local rowing competitions for 14 years.

In 1898 he came to Bexhill and was one of the crew of the late Earl De La Warr's yacht,
'Firefly', on which he cruised round the north west coast of Scotland. Later he sailed with a
son of the late Mr. Daniel Mayer on a cruise round the Isle of Wight, and he subsequently
won renown as the winner of many of the sailing races round the 'Royal Sovereign' lightship,
in which he piloted his sailing boat 'Albatross'. During the war (he) enlisted in the coast
watching service and in his later years he was employed at the Central Station as an outside
porter. Bexhill Observer, 1937, courtesy of Lynn Brailsford, great-great-granddaugther.

married 1878 at Hastings 4

Lois Foord
born circa 1860
laundress (1881) 5

b. c1880

William J.
b. c1881

b. c1882

b. c1885

b. c1886

b. c1887

b. c1888

b. c1889

b. c1890

b. c1892

b. c1894

b. c1896

Mary L.
b. c1899

children of William Wren Ball and Lois Foord

Florence Ball 6 born circa 1880
born circa 1880 7

William J. Ball 8 born circa 1881
Labourer (1901) 9

Frederick Ball 10 born circa 1882
Labourer 11

Albert Ball 12 born circa 1885
shop assistant 13

Annie Ball 14 born circa 1886
laundress 15

Mildred Ball 16 born circa 1887

Lois Ball 17 born circa 1888

John Ball 18 born circa 1889

Mabel Ball 19 born circa 1890

Ivy Ball 20 born circa 1892

Ethel Ball 21 born circa 1894

Frank Ball 22 born circa 1896

Mary L. Ball 23 born circa 1899

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