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Abraham Hendriksz: de Vries
Ermpje Jacobsz:
Hendrik Abrahamsz de Vries 1
born 1676, Amsterdam 2
baptized 17 July 1676, Amsterdam, Oude Kerk 3
died between 13 April and 22 May 1744 4
will dated 27 April 1718
He and his family had lived in the Noordwyk flats area of Mauritius
and upon the abandonment of the Dutch East India Company's
settlement there in 1708, he was one of the Mauritius freemen who
elected to go to the Cape (rather than to Batavia). According to a
letter of 24th August 1708, he requested permission to proceed
with his family from Mauritius to the Cape in the 'Blenheim', an
English ship.

I have not yet established if this was indeed the ship that carried
them to the Cape but the timing seems right since their four chidren
were baptised in Cape Town on 4th November 1708 .
(Source: Leibbrandt - Letters Received 1695-1708,
pages 452, 453 & 472

His children are listed as per his several wills drawn up jointly with
his second wife, Johanna van Es, and from the latter's Deceased
Estate Accounts of 1745.

He became a member of the Cape Town NGK church on 21 September
1717 when he made his profession of faith with his wife, Johanna van
Es as the witness.

married (1)

Maijke Zaaijman
died 1713



aft.1703 -


1711 -

married (2) 24 September 1713 at Cape Town 20

Johanna van Es
circa 1695-circa 1745


Pieter Jurgen
1716 -

1718 -

1720 -

1723 -

Johanna Maria

Aletta Margaretha

Catharina Elisabeth
1732 -

children of Hendrik Abrahamsz de Vries and Maijke Zaaijman

Abraham de Vries 5 died 1718
sailor with the Dutch East India Company (1718) 6
born Mauritius 7
died between 1718 and 1731 8

Notes: He seems to have joined the service of the
VOC as a 'young sailor'. A voyage on the ship 'Sleewijk',
belonging to the Rotterdam Chamber, is recorded as
departing from Goeree 2nd January 1718, arriving at the
Cape 4th September 1718 and in Batavia 29th December

(from: Uitgevaren voor de Kamers van de VOC,
information based on the 'scheepssoldijboeken' in the VOC
archives in the Nationale Archief in The Hague.

De VOC Site - Schepenlijst.)

Daniel de Vries 9
born Mauritius 10
baptized 4 November 1708, Cape Town 11

Notes: His sister-in-law, Susanna Bosman, in her will of 1746,
asked that he be brought in to run the Bakery in the event of
her death and her estate not being wound up immediately.

 married 25 May 1738 Cape Town 13

Maria Coster 12 born 1703
born 1703, Cape of Good Hope 14

Jacob de Vries after 1703-before 1738
born after 1703, Mauritius
baptized 4 November 1708, Cape Town
died before 1738
 married 12 September 1728 Cape Town

Margaretha Plooij 15

Pieter de Vries 16
born Mauritius 17
baptized 4 November 1708, Cape Town 18

Notes: He must have died before 1st December 1714
since he is not named in the Inventory drawn up on that
date, after the death of his grandfather, Daniel Zaaijman.

Izaak de Vries 1711-circa 1746
born 1711
baptized 12 April 1711, Cape Town
died circa January 1746
 married 3 August 1732 Drakenstein

Susanna Bosman 19 1712-1755

children of Hendrik Abrahamsz de Vries and Johanna van Es

Hendrik de Vries 21 born 1714
baptized 23 September 1714, Cape Town 22

Notes: In the records as Hendrik de Vries de jonge, he
was taken into service by the Dutch East India Company as
a sailor towards the end of 1737, sailing from the Cape on
the ship 'Sellak' on 21st July 1740 and arriving in Batavia
on the 11th September 1740.

By 1741 (exact date yet unknown) he was dead, his father
requesting the Council of Policy to allow him to remit some
money belonging to his late son Hendrik

Resolutions of the Council of Policy, C. 104, pp. 124-128,
19 November 1737;
Uitgevaren voor de Kamers van de VOC
Leibbrandt, Requeste, page 372

Pieter Jurgen de Vries 1716-before 1745
born 1716 23
baptized 16 August 1716, Cape Town 24
died before 1745 25

Notes: When he was 19 he was granted permission by the
Council of Policy at the Cape to return to the Netherlands with
the then present return fleet.
(Council of Policy, Resolutions, 7 February 1736, C. 100, pp. 2-4,
kindly brought to my notice by Andre van Rensburg)

Johannes de Vries 26 1718-1762
born 1718, Cape of Good Hope 27
baptized 11 July 1718, Cape Town 28
died 9 June 1762, at the Cape 29
will dated 8 June 1762 30

Hester Mostert 31 circa 1722-1803
born circa 1722, at the Cape 32
died 19 April 1803, in the Cape District 33

Notes: there appear not to have been any children.

Hermina de Vries 1720-1791
born 1720 34
baptized 21 January 1720, Cape Town 35
died 28 May 1791, Paarl 36

Notes: She was baptised 'Ermtje' and was also
referred to thus when she stood as witness to the
baptism of her nephew Abraham de Vries.


Helmoet Luttig 37

Barend de Vries 1723-1778
of Cape Town 38
born 1723 39
baptized 11 April 173, Cape Town 40
died 13 May 1778, Cape Town 41

Notes: Swartland marriage register:

1759 getrouwd den 26 Augustus
Barnardus de Vries met Johanna Catharina Smuts

1779, den 21 Febr:
Kristiaan [Weder/Seder]blad van Draakhubet burger
aan de Caap J:M: met Johanna Katarina Smuts van
Cabo voorn. weduwe wijlen den burger Bernardus
de Vries

Johanna Maria de Vries born 1725
born 1725 42
baptized 18 November 1725, Cape Town 43

Frans Joseph Holweg 44
master gardener (1744) 45

Aletta Margaretha de Vries 46 born 1727
born 1727 47
baptized 2 March 1727, Cape Town 48

Catharina Elisabeth de Vries 1732-before 1745
born 1732 49
baptized 8 March 1732, Cape Town 50
died before 1745 51

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