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Barend Burger
died 1705
Marritie Willemsdr Schalk
1675-circa 1709
Schalk Willemsz van der Merwe
1673-before 1740
Anne Prevot
1681-before 1740
Willem Burger
died circa 1731
Elsje van der Merwe
1697-circa 1757
Barend Burger 1
farmer 2
of Brandwagt, a loan farm 3
born 1717 4
baptized 13 December 1717, Drakenstein 5
died 18 April 1770 6
Information for this family from Estate inventory taken after
the death of Barend Burger in 1770 and from, the will of Hester
Smit and Bartholomeus van den Vyver dated 1784.

I have assumed that he was the child of Willem Burger and
Elsie van der Merwe who was baptised in 1717. I have no
direct documentary proof of this. The witnesses, however,
at the baptism of his first child were Elsie van der Merwe and
Schalk Willem Burger.

When he died he owed the Company five years back rent and,
according to his inventory, they owned very little in the way of
furniture and equipment, only 100 sheep, 90 cattle and 3 horses,
but they owned 11 slaves whose value made up fully one half
of the total estate of 1996 Rixdalers.

married 10 September 1741 at Drakenstein 7

Helena Smit

1742 -

1745 -

Schalk Jacobus

Barend Johannes

Alewyn Petrus

Elsje Sophia

children of Barend Burger and Helena Smit

Willem Burger Barendz: 1742-1791
born 1742
baptized 20 September 1742, Drakenstein
died March 1791, Land van Waveren
 married (1) 13 June 1773 Tulbagh

Maria Susanna du Toit 8 circa 1752-circa 1787
 married (2) 6 May 1787 Cape Town

Judiet Grundeling 9

Hester Burger 1745-1806
born 1745, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 21 June 1745, Tulbagh
died between May and June 1806, (will date and will filing date)
 married 18 April 1762 Tulbagh

Willem Janse van Rensburg 10 1741-1800
of Welgemoed, lying behind the Bokkeveld

Schalk Jacobus Burger 11 born 1747
baptized 24 December 1747, Tulbagh 12

Barend Johannes Burger 13 born 1750
baptized 29 March 1750, Tulbagh 14

Alewyn Petrus Burger 15 born 1753
baptized 25 December 1753, Tulbagh 16

Elsje Sophia Burger 17 born 1758
baptized 12 November 1758, Tulbagh 18

Barend Jansz 19

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