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List of people in the Burger family tree

296 individuals, 102 families, 55 surnames

Bastiaansz:, Elisabeth  
Besuijdenhout, Pieter  
Bevernagie, Francina (died after 1748) 
le Bleu, Elisabeth (died 1678) 
Blijenberg, Arend (died 1776) 
Botha, Maria  
Bouwer, Cornelia Helena (born 1741) 
Bouwer, Elizabeth Francina (born 1736) 
Bouwer, Jan Lodwyk  
Bouwer, Jeremias Jesajas (born 1743) 
Bouwer, Margrita Geertruijd (born 1739) 
Burger, Alewijn Johannes (born 1753) 
Burger, Alewijn Petrus  
Burger, Alewyn Petrus (born 1753) 
Burger, Andries (died 1749) of Drakenstein 
Burger, Andries (born 1728) 
Burger, Andries (born 1739) 
Burger, Andries Bartholomeus  
Burger, Andries Bartholomeus (circa 1782-1841), grazier 
Burger, Andries Petrus  
Burger, Anna  
Burger, Anna Sophia (1723-before 1752) 
Burger, Anna Sophia (born 1757) 
Burger, Anna Sophia (1784-before 1787) 
Burger, Barend (died 1705), blacksmith, farmer at Drakenstein, of Leeuwensjagt and Landeskroon, Paarl Diamant 
Burger, Barend (1717-1770), farmer, of Brandwagt, a loan farm 
Burger, Barend Frederick  
Burger, Barend Frederik (1725-before 1748) 
Burger, Barend Jacobus (born 1747) 
Burger, Barend Johannes  
Burger, Barend Johannes (born 1750) 
Burger, Barend Johannes (born 1774) 
Burger, Barent (1692-before 1729), farmer, of Rodesant 
Burger, Barent (1712-before 1716) 
Burger, Barent (1716-before 1719) 
Burger, Cornelia (born circa 1719) 
Burger, Elsabe Sophia  
Burger, Elsie Johanna  
Burger, Elsje (born 1736) 
Burger, Elsje (born 1751) 
Burger, Elsje Sophia  
Burger, Elsje Sophia (born 1758) 
Burger, Fredrik (1714-1745) 
Burger, Helena (1701-1777) 
Burger, Hendrik Schalk (born 1745) 
Burger, Hester Helena (born 1745) 
Burger, Isaak (died 1841) 
Burger, Jacobus (1704-circa 1772), farmer 
Burger, Jacobus Abraham (born 1741) 
Burger, Jacobus Petrus Alewijn (born circa 1791) 
Burger, Jacobus Stephanus (born 1761) 
Burger, Johanna Adriana  
Burger, Johanna Margaretha (born 1781) 
Burger, Johannes Schalk  
Burger, Maartje Wilhelmina Hendrina  
Burger, Magdalena Elisabeth (born 1776) 
Burger, Maria Magdalena (died 1782) 
Burger, Maria Magdalena (1726-1768) 
Burger, Maria Magdalena (born 1731) 
Burger, Maria Susanna  
Burger, Martha (1721-1775) 
Burger, Martha Maria Magdalena  
Burger, Martje (circa 1721-circa 1740) 
Burger, Martje Barbara  
Burger, Martje Dorothea (born circa 1766) 
Burger, Pieter (born 1747) 
Burger, Schalk Jacobus (born 1747) 
Burger, Schalk Willemsz (1720-1782), farmer, of De Halve Dorschvloer, situated on the Oliphants River 
Burger, Schalk Willemsz (born 1750) 
Burger, Willem (died circa 1731), farmer, of Houd Constant, Vier en Twintig Rivieren 
Burger, Willem (1714-after 1748) 
Burger, Willem (1722-1788), farmer 
Burger, Willem (1742-1791), farmer, of De Bosjemansrivier in 1787 and in 1791 Aanteetsfontein, both in the Sneeuwberg 
Burger, Willem (born 1743) 
Burger, Willem (born 1745) 
Burger, Willem (born 1769) 
Burger, Willem Jacobus  
Burger, Willem Jacobus (born circa 1786) 
Cloete, Catharina (died circa 1747) 
Cloeten, Catharina (born 1660) 
Cloeten, Coenraad (born 1662) 
Cloeten, Elsje Jacobs (died circa 1702) 
Cloeten, Gerrit  
Cloeten, Jacob (died 1693), corporal in the Dutch East India Company's service (1693) 
Cloeten, Johannes  
Eekhoff, Hendrik (died circa 1692), farmer, of Watervliet, Drakenstein 
Erasmus, Rasmus Pieter  
le Febre, Marie (circa 1651-circa 1701) 
le Fevre, David (died before 1673) 
Fick, Maria (died circa 1805) 
Fik, Anthonij  
Frisch, Joost Heinrich (born circa 1679) of de Paarl Diamant 
Grundeling, Judiet  
van Heerden, Cicilia Maria (died before 1785) 
van Heerden, Elsje Willemzen  
van Heerden, Magteld  
van Heerden, Pieter Willems (circa 1682-1763) of Hase Craal, on the Berg Rivier, Drakenstein 
Hugo, Pieter , farmer 
Jansz, Barend  
Keijser, Alleta (died circa 1750) 
Keijser, Paul  of Bottelary, Stellenbosch 
Liebenberg, Catharina Jacoba (died 1788) 
Liebenberg, Christiaan  
Lubbe, Aletta (died circa 1754) 
Lubbe, Barend  
Lubbe, Catharina  
Lubbe, Frans  
Lubbe, Johannes Hendrik  
van der Merwe, Aletta (born circa 1732) 
van der Merwe, Aletta Sibilla (born circa 1750) 
van der Merwe, Carel (1698-before 1740) 
van der Merwe, Carel (born circa 1724) 
van der Merwe, Cicilia Maria  
van der Merwe, Cornelia Johanna  
van der Merwe, David  
van der Merwe, David (born 1707) 
van der Merwe, Elsie Johanna  
van der Merwe, Elsje (1697-circa 1757) of Houd Constant, Vier en Twinting Rivieren 
van der Merwe, Elsje (born 1719) 
van der Merwe, Gerrit (born 1716) 
van der Merwe, Hendrik (born 1714) 
van der Merwe, Hendrik (born circa 1748) 
van der Merwe, Hendrik Willemsz: (died 1762) of Overveen and Bloemendaal, Drakenstein 
van der Merwe, Hendrina  
van der Merwe, Isaac  
van der Merwe, Isak (born 1711) 
van der Merwe, Jacob (born 1680) 
van der Merwe, Jacob (circa 1759-circa 1819) of Bloemendal, Overveen and het Schilpad, Drakenstein 
van der Merwe, Jacobus (born 1699) 
van der Merwe, Maartje (died circa 1836) of Bloemendal, Overveen and Het Schilpad, Drakenstein 
van der Merwe, Maartje Aletta  
van der Merwe, Magteld Willemsz (circa 1691-1765) 
van der Merwe, Maria (1703-before 1727) 
van der Merwe, Maria Aletta  
van der Merwe, Maria Cicilia  
van der Merwe, Marritje (born 1713) 
van der Merwe, Pieter (died circa 1738), farmer, of De Leeuwe Fonteijn, in 't Bockeveld 
van der Merwe, Pieter (born 1688) 
van der Merwe, Pieter (born 1738) 
van der Merwe, Pieternella (1682-1717) 
van der Merwe, Pieternella (born 1720) 
van der Merwe, Roelof (born 1718) 
van der Merwe, Roeloff  
van der Merwe, Schalk (born circa 1758) 
van der Merwe, Schalk Willem  
van der Merwe, Schalk Willem  
van der Merwe, Schalk Willemsz (1673-before 1740) of from 1692 the farm De Hoop, Drakenstein later the farm Wittenberg, Drakenstein 
van der Merwe, Schalk Willemsz (born circa 1733) 
van der Merwe, Sophia (1706-1727) 
van der Merwe, Sophia Schalk (1670-after 1736) 
van der Merwe, Willem (born 1701) 
van der Merwe, Willem (born circa 1720) 
van der Merwe, Willem Hendrik (born circa 1754) 
van der Merwe, Willem Schalks (died 1716), farmer, of Hout Bay, from 1677 and from about 1692, Drakenstein 
Mouton, Jacob (died before 1748) 
Mouton, Martha  
Olivier, Jan (circa 1683-circa 1722), farmer, of Burgers Fonteijn in the Wagenmakers Valleij 
Pasman, Margareta (born circa 1688) 
Pasman, Margareta (born 1689) 
Pasman, Roelof (died before 1695) 
Pasman, Roelofphina (born circa 1695) 
de Peronne, Bernadus (born 1695) 
de Peronne, Louis (died circa 1696) of Drakenstein 
du Plessis, Alida Magdalena (born 1772) 
du Plessis, Daniel  
Prevot, Abraham (born 1679) 
Prevot, Anne (1681-before 1740) 
Prevot, Charles (circa 1650-before 1688), master wheelwright, of Dunkirk 
Prevot, Charles (born 1688) 
Prevot, David (1675-1685) 
Prevot, Elisabeth (born 1683) 
Prevot, Henry  
Prevot, Marie (born 1678) 
Raderotjes, Fijtje (died 1665) 
Raderotjes, unknown  
Jansz van Rensburg, Elsje (1712-1763) 
van Rensburg, Nicolaas Jansz:  
Retief, Anna (died circa 1710) 
Retief, Maria (died circa 1738) 
Robbertsz, Pieter (died 1713), Landdrost and farmer, of Stellenbosch 
Rossouw, Anna (born 1736) 
Rossouw, Daniel (born 1735) 
Rossouw, Elisabeth (born 1747) 
Rossouw, Francois (born 1731) 
Rossouw, Gabriel (born 1733) 
Rossouw, Maria (born 1730) 
Rossouw, Pieter (1703-before 1762), farmer, of 'Boven 't Hexrivier aan De Doorens', across the RoodeSand 
Rossouw, Pieter (circa 1727-circa 1738) 
Rossouw, Pieter (1743-before 1762) 
Rousseau, Aletta  
Rousseau, Andries (born 1711) 
Rousseau, Anna (born 1691) 
Rousseau, Magdalena  
Rousseau, Maria  
Rousseau, Pierre (circa 1666-circa 1719) of De Boog van Orleans, by the Bergrivier, Drakenstein 
Russouw, Daniel (born 1707) 
Russouw, Gabriel (born 1701) 
Russouw, Hester (born 1705) 
Russouw, Martha (born 1698) 
Russouw, Pierre (born 1700) 
Schalk, Jacomina (1678-circa 1713) 
Schalk, Marritie Willemsdr (1675-circa 1709) 
Scheepers, Geertruij (died circa 1757) 
Scheepers, unknown (died before 1735) 
Schelde, Maria van der  
Schupping, Jan (died circa 1707), heemraad and farmer 
Smit, Helena (1722-1792) 
Smit, Hester  
Smit, Lambert , farmer 
Tilheijm, Catharina Barbara  
Tilheijm, Jurgen  
du Toit, Geertruijd (circa 1690-1750) 
du Toit, Maria Susanna (circa 1752-circa 1787) 
Verweij, Beatrix  
de Viffe, Jeanne  
Vijver, Willem van der  
de Villiers, Jan Daniel  
Vorster, Schalk Willem  
de Vyver, Anna Maria (died 1750) 
Vyver, Bartholomeus van der  
de Weege, Maria  

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