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James Cadywould
before 1656-1717/18
Anthony Cadywould
1686-circa 1779
Sarah Hammond
died 1746
Anthony Cadywould
born 1729, Wymondham
baptized 1 October 1729, Wymondham parish church
The marriage in the Wymondham Parish Church was of Anthony Cadywold Junr
and both parties are noted as being single but they are not described as being
minors which Anthony certainly would have been if the Anthony married is the
same as that baptized 1 October 1729, as I have assumed.

The first child, Sarah, was baptized in St. Augustine's Norwich, then we have a
very long gap before the next child, Mary, baptized in Enfield, closely followed
by more children baptized in St. Augustine.

The children of this family are take only from the LDS parish register extractions
as found on the IGI web site. It could well be wrongly reconstructed and should
certainly be checked further where possible.

married 24 December 1748 at Wymondham parish church 1

Hannah Horne


1751 -

1759 -





1766 -

children of Anthony and Hannah Cadywould

Sarah Cadywould 2 born 1749
born 1749, St. Augustine, Norwich
baptized 12 November 1749, Saint Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk, England 3

Notes: no other Sarah Cadywould known about seemed of a suitable age

 married 20 May 1770 St. Bartholomew the Great, London 4

John Moore

Mary Cadywould 1751-1752
born 1751
baptized 21 May 1751, St. Augustine, Norwich 5
died 1752
buried 19 January 1752, St. Augustine, Norwich 6

Mary Cadywold 7 1759-1762
born 1759
baptized 18 June 1759, Saint Andrew, Enfield, London, England 8
died 1762
buried 6 May 1762, St. Augustine, Norwich 9

Anthony Cadywould 10 born 1761
baptized 11 January 1761, Saint Augustine, Norwich 11

James Cadywould
buried 19 December 1762, St. Augustine, Norwich 12

Hannah Cadywould born 1763
baptized 7 August 1763, St. Augustine, Norwich 13

James Cadywould born 1764
baptized 14 October 1764, Saint Augustine, Norwich 14

Anthony Cadywould 1766-1839
born 1766
baptized 8 June 1766, Saint Augustine, Norwich
died 27 December 1839, Norwich, St John Sepulchre
 married 4 September 1797 St John Sepulchre

Elizabeth Ninham 15 circa 1776-1846

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