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James Cadywold
James Cadywould
before 1656-1717/18
Anthony Cadywould 1
of Wymondham
freeman of Norwich, by right of his father James (3 August 1728) 2
born 1686
baptized 19 December 1686, Wymondham 3
died circa 1779 4
letters of administration granted 1 May 1779, sworn at Norwich
married 10 December 1723 at St. Gregory, Norwich 5

Sarah Hammond
died 1746


1725 -




b. c1729

1736 -



born & died


children of Anthony and Sarah Cadywould

James Cadywould born 1724
born 1724, Wymondham
baptized 23 September 1724, Wymondham parish church

Notes: From: William Brown , deception: forgery, 03 Jul 1751.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17510703-50

James-Cadywold. I was clerk to Mr. Smith at the time
this affair happened ; I received this money See original of
Mr. Campbel on the 18th of October 1749, 47 l. 17. 6 d. the
prisoner at the bar came to me in the office; about a day or
two before I received it, and said, sir, have you received my
prize-money? I said, what is your name, sir? he told me his
name was George Mackenzy , and that he was master's mate
of the Inverness, and had made a letter of attorney to Mr. Smith
(that was my master) in order to receive this prize-money: I
ave for answer, that at the day of payment, which was advertised
the 17th of October 1749, I should receive the money, and it he
would please to call after that time I would pay it him; but there
was a great deal of hurry at the time of payment, and the agents
could not go through the recals that day, so I was paid on the 18th
by virtue of this letter of attorney, signed George Mackenzy ;
I received 47 l. 17 s. 6 d. and I paid him 44 l. 16 s. 6 d. after our's
was deducted.

 married 2 November 1749 Saint Benet Pauls Wharf, London 6

Sarah Davies

Sarah Cadywould 1725-1729
born 1725, Wymondham
baptized 22 September 1725, Wymondham parish church
died 1729
buried 17 May 1729 7

Elizabeth Cadywould born 1727
born 1727, Wymondham
baptized 9 August 1727, Wymondham parish church

Anthony Cadywould born 1729
born 1729, Wymondham
baptized 1 October 1729, Wymondham parish church
 married 24 December 1748 Wymondham parish church

Hannah Horne 8

Mary Cadywould born 1732
baptized 17 May 1732, Wymondham parish church

Charles Cadywould born circa 1729
baptized 29 April 1734, Wymondham parish church

Sarah  9

John Cadywould 1736-1737
born 1736
baptized 1 February 1735/36, Wymondham parish church
died 1737
buried 10 September 1737 10

Sarah Cadywould born 1737
baptized 26 September 1737, Wymondham parish church

Lydia Cadywould born 1739
baptized 30 April 1739, Wymondham parish church

Diana Cadywould born & died 1740
born 1740
baptized 10 August 1740, Wymondham parish church
died 1740
buried 18 October 1740 11

Edward Cadywould born 1744
baptized 5 June 1744, Wymondham parish church

Mary  12

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