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Anthony Cadywould
1686-circa 1779
Sarah Hammond
died 1746
Anthony Cadywould
born 1729
Hannah Horne
Anthony Cadywould 1
shoemaker 2
of Norwich, St John Sepulchre 3
freeman of Norwich
born 1766 4
baptized 8 June 1766, Saint Augustine, Norwich 5
died 27 December 1839, Norwich, St John Sepulchre 6
The family as postulated here is surmised from various clues obtained
from census enumerations as well as from baptism, marriage and birtth
certificates, including the witnesses. It seems a likely reconstruction but
must be treated with some caution as much is assumed. One would have
expected the children to have been baptised in St John Sepulchre but there
appear to be no baptisms for any children of this couple, at least I have
not yet discovered any.

married 4 September 1797 at St John Sepulchre 7

Elizabeth Ninham
circa 1776-1846

c1800 -

1801 -

b. c1808

b. c1812

b. c1821

children of Anthony and Elizabeth Cadywould

Anthony Cadywould circa 1800-1866
born circa 1800, Norwich
died 1866, ? assumed - needs checking

Maria Cattermoul 8 born circa 1806

James Cadywould 1801-1865
born 1801, Norwich, St John Sepulchre
died 11 February 1865, Great Yarmouth
 married 26 August 1821 Lakenham, Norwich

Elizabeth Harmer 9 born circa 1803
of 1871 6 Queens Road, Yarmouth

Harriet Cadywould born circa 1808
born circa 1808, Norwich
 married 25 May 1828 All Saints, Norwich

Robert Gill born circa 1811
cordwainer (1851)
of Chapel Street Crooks Place, Norwich St. Stephen

Elizabeth Cadywould born circa 1812
born circa 1812, Norwich, St John Sepulchre 10

Notes: From the census returns they do not seem to have had
any children. Their niece, Mary Ann Cadywold, seems to have
lived with them until what is apparently her marriage in 1862.

In 1851 they were living in Crooks Place, St Stephens, in 1861
they were in the Fish Market, St Peter Mancroft, as fishmongers,
but by 1871 they were living in Hooks Yard, St Michael Coslany
and he is listed as a fish hawker.

 married 20 January 1833 St Bartholomew, Heigham 11

George Clayton born circa 1813
fishmonger (1851)
of Chapel Street, Crooks Place, Norwich
born circa 1813, Norwich, Palace 12

Louisa Cadywould born circa 1821
born circa 1821, Norwich, St John Sepulchre
 married (1)
 married (2) 2 April 1856 Norwich Register Office

Robert Pratt 13
of Fish Market, Norwich St Peter Mancroft

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