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Anthony Cadywould
born 1729
Hannah Horne
Anthony Cadywould
Elizabeth Ninham
circa 1776-1846
Harriet Cadywould
shoebinder (1851) 1
born circa 1808, Norwich 2
The 1851 census gives her birth place as Guernsey, but 1861 says
Norwich, and 1841 says she was born in the county of Norfolk.

On the 1841 census, living next door in Stewards Yard, are what appear
to be Elizabeth Caddy[wold] aged 65, independent, born in county and
Louisa Caddy[wold] aged 20, shoe binder, born in county. Coincidence?

At the 1851 census, two doors away from the Gills, in Crooks Place, are
George Clayton, aged 38, head, fishmonger, and his wife Elizabeth, aged
39, dressmaker, born in the Parish of St Lawrence, Norwich, and also his
sister-in-law, Louisa Cadywold, aged 30, dressmaker and his niece-in-law,
Mary A Cadywold, aged 10.

On the basis of the above and one or two other clues (the witnesses at her
wedding were George Clayton and Mary Anne Clayton) I believe she most
was most probably one of he children of Anthony and Elizabeth Cadywould
as laid out here, but this is an assumption, please treat with caution!

married 25 May 1828 at All Saints, Norwich 3

Robert Gill
born circa 1811
cordwainer (1851) 4
of Chapel Street Crooks Place, Norwich St. Stephen

b. c1835

children of Harriet and Robert Gill

Harriet Gill born circa 1835
shoebinder (1851)
born circa 1835, Norwich, Timberhill 5

Notes: Their children and descendants are listed on Ricky Donald's
family web site to be found here.

 married 13 April 1855 St Stephen, Norwich 6

Henry Bowen born circa 1831
born circa 1831 7

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