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Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys
Anna Catharina Smit
Adriaan Andries Louw
circa 1798-1847
Alida Johanna du Toit
circa 1810-1881
Antonio Chiappini Redelinghuys
born 1826
Maria Elisabeth Helena Louw
born circa 1828
Magdalena Sophia Redelinghuys
born circa November 1866, Tulbagh 1
died 20 September 1946, Bloemfontein 2
she is listed as a daughter of Antonie Chiappini Redelinghuys on the basis of
her children's names. All the information for this family comes from Die
Retief-Familie in Suid-Afrika, by Dr. P.J. Retief, n.d.
- facts not checked.

married (1) at Tulbagh 3

Jan Abraham du Plessis
died 14 October 1927 4

married (2) circa 1884 5

Pieter Jacobus Conradie Retief
of Tulbagh 6

Antonie Chiappini

Maria Elizabeth Helene

Anna Aletta Catharina

Pieter Jacobus
1889 -

Daniel Jacobus

Magdalena Petronella

children of Magdalena Sophia Redelinghuys and Pieter Jacobus Conradie Retief

Antonie Chiappini Retief born 1886
born 20 January 1886

Notes: No mention of him in his
mother's death notice of 1946, He
presumably died before that date
without leaving any descendants.

Maria Elizabeth Helene Retief born 1887
born 26 February 1887

Notes: Unmarried in 1946, according
to her mother's death notice.

Anna Aletta Catharina Retief 7 born 1888
born 28 September 1888

Jan Frederik Enslin 8

Pieter Jacobus Retief 1889-1944
born 8 August 1889
died 6 November 1944

Daniel Jacobus Retief born 1895
born 27 December 1895

Magdalena Petronella Retief 9

M.n.lombard 10

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