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Willem Janse van Rensburg
Hester Burger
Willem Burger Barendz:
Maria Susanna du Toit
circa 1752-circa 1786
Nicolaas Jacobus Janse van Rensburg
1770-before 1813
Willemina Maria Burger
Johannes Petrus Janse van Rensburg 1
of Leeuwenkuil, Koue Bokkeveld 2
born 25 October 1809 3
baptized 18 February 1810, Tulbagh 4
died after 9 July 1877 5
will dated 18 April 1876 6
He is listed as Pieter Johannes in the will of his mother, Willemina
Maria Burger and Rasmus Pieter Erasmus and also on the death
notice of W.M.Burger (in fact the latter list seems to me merely
copied from the former). Perhaps he was known as Pieter or per-
haps this is a notary's mistake.

The farm Leeuwenkuil was a quitrent grant made in 1821 to Rasmus
Pieter Erasmus Jansz. of over 2,600 morgen. In 1835 about one-third
was transferred to Pieter Lodwyk du Toit, again in 1841 to Charl du
Toit jr., and in 1851 to Charl Petrus Johannes du Toit.

The remaining two-thirds were transerred on the same day in 1835 to
Charl du Toit sr. and in 1849 to Nicolaas Johannes Janse van Rensburg
and Jacobus Lodewyk Erasmus jointly. Erasmus promptly transferred
his shared to Charl du Toit and the latter with equal celerity to N.J.J.
van Rensburg who so became owner of the whole two-thirds.

(quoted from: The Old Houses of the Cape,
by H.Fransen and Dr. Mary Cook, 1965

This farm, Leeuwenkuil, according to Andre van Rensburg (web site),
had been the family farm for some time before this having been men-
tioned in the will of Willem van Rensburg (born 2 July 1741) and I think
the transfers above must have been part of the distribution of the
estate after the death of Willemina Burger, the wife of Rasmus Pieter

married 4 January 1835 at Tulbagh 7

Hester Cecilia Aletta du Toit

Willem Francois Petrus
1835 -

Nicholaas J.

Johannes Petrus Lodiwicus

Anna Margaretha Geertruida

Wilhelmina Maria Johanna

Andries Bartholomeus

Hester Cecilia Aletta

Johannes Petrus
1853 -

Christiaan Gabriel
1856 -

children of Johannes Petrus Janse van Rensburg and Hester Cecilia Aletta du Toit

Willem Francois Petrus Janse van Rensburg 1835-1869
born 13 November 1835
baptized 3 April 1836, Durbanville
died November 1869
 married 7 May 1855 Ceres

Wilhelmina Maria du Toit 8 circa 1835-1896
farmer's wife
of De Keur, Koue Bokkeveld

Nicholaas J. Janse van Rensburg

Notes: no baptism found either in Swartland or in Tulbagh registers.
Andre van Rensburg has him baptized 6 July 1837 but Maureen
de Villiers has been unable to find any baptism in the films of
the registers kept at GISA.

He is, however, listed on the death notice of Hester Cecilia
du Toit, his mother, and noted as being married (1876).



Johannes Petrus Lodiwicus Janse van Rensburg born 1840
born 25 January 1840 9
baptized 15 March 1840, Tulbagh 10

Notes: this child was not mentioned in the Death Notice of his mother, and he
presumably died before 1853 when his brother, another Johannes Petrus,
was born.

Anna Margaretha Geertruida Janse van Rensburg born 1842
born 1 April 1842 11
baptized 24 April 1842, Tulbagh 12

Notes: according to the Liquidation and Distribution File( MOOC 13/1/337,15)
signed by Johannes on 9.7.1877 which lists the children, Anna is listed
as Anna H.( not Anna N. or U. as on the death notice of her mother).



Wilhelmina Maria Johanna Janse van Rensburg born 1844
born 22 February 1844 13
baptized 3 March 1844, in the Koude Bokkeveld at the house of J.W. van der Merwe (Tulbagh church register)

Andries Bartholomeus Janse van Rensburg born 1846
born 1 May 1846 14
baptized 25 October 1846, in the Koude Bokkeveld at the house of C. du Toit (Tulbagh church register) 15

Hester Cecilia Aletta Janse van Rensburg born 1850
born 4 August 1850 16
baptized 6 November 1850, Tulbagh 17

Johannes Petrus Janse van Rensburg 1853-1931
born 12 July 1853, Ceres
baptized 7 December 1853, Tulbagh
died 18 May 1931, Wagenbooms Rivier, Ceres
 married (1) 23 October 1876 Ceres

Elizabeth Anne Simpson 1849-1924
 married (2) after 1924 Ceres

Hester Cecilia Carolina Wilhelmina Nel

Christiaan Gabriel Janse van Rensburg 1856-1902
born 18 June 1856, Koue Bokkeveld, Ceres
baptized 12 October 1856, Ceres
died 3 May 1902, van der Byl Straat, Wolsley, Cape

Helen Simpson 18

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