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Henry Adams
Matthew Adams
circa 1800-1852
Rhoda Byrne
Elizabeth Adams 1
born 28 November 1830 2
died 30 August 1904, Wolseley, Cape Province 3
The dates of birth, hers, her husband's and the those of their
children, come from family information collected by Ada Ethel
Simpson (1874 - 1953) and supplied by Andrew McMurray. The
other information comes from their death notices, in the Cape
Archives, but there appears to have been no death notice for
Elizabeth Sarah hereself - her date of death is again from the
Simpson Family information.

It would seem, from his death notice, that her first husband
ran a jewellery business which she intended to continue after
his death.

married (1)

Thomas Radmall
born circa 1793 4
died 28 July 1854, Cape Town 5
According to his death notice he left five adult children,
four daughters and one son, children of his first wife,
Elizabeth Martin, who died in 1853.

It would seem, from his estate papers, that he ran a
jewellery business in Cape Town.

(MOOC 6/9/64,2231 and 6/9/67,2634 - death notices for
Elizabeth Radmall, nee Martin and Thomas Radmall)

married (2) 21 December 1854 at Holy Trinity Church, Harrington Street, Cape Town 6

William Dan Barklimore Simpson
clerk (1854) 7
of Tulbagh




1860 -

1863 -

1865 -

born and died

married (3) 26 October 1870 12

James Caldwell Simpson
born 1843

Ada Ethel
1874 -

children of Elizabeth and William Dan Barklimore Simpson

Mary Simpson born 1856
born 3 March 1856

David Kotze

William Simpson born 1857
born 25 October 1857

Anna Maria Magdalena Janse Van Rensburg circa 1866-1894

Henry Simpson born 1859
born 11 April 1859

Alida Bruwere

Helen Simpson 1860-1956
born 15 August 1860
died 19 July 1956
buried Villiersdorp

Christiaan Gabriel Janse Van Rensburg 1856-1902
mason and trader (1902)

Jessie Simpson 1863-1928
born 8 March 1863, Calvinia
died 30 December 1928, Wiener Street, Wolseley
 married Papendorp, Woodstock

James Alfred Adams 8 circa 1861-1943
general dealer

James Simpson 1865-1915
born 20 October 1865, Calvinia
died 15 October 1915, Windheuvel, Ceres District

Anna Maria Jacomina Hugo 9

Laura Simpson born and died 1867
born 28 February 1867 10
died 20 May 1867 11

Notes: According to the Simpson Family information,
collected by Ada Ethel Simpson (1874 - 1953), her name
was Laurie May. The name Laura is from her father's
death notice, April 1867. Her date of death comes from
the collected family information above.

children of Elizabeth and James Caldwell Simpson

Ada Ethel Simpson 1874-1953
born 10 June 1874 13
died 12 June 1953, Cape Town 14
 married 18 December 1894  15

William Alexander McMurray 1866-1939
born 16 November 1866, Kirkbean, Kircudbright 16
died 13 February 1939, Cape Town 17

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