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List of people in the Simpson family tree

167 individuals, 52 families, 43 surnames

Adams, Albert Henry (born 1887) 
Adams, Alice Agnes  
Adams, Annie Gertrude  
Adams, Annie Louisa May (born 1885) 
Adams, Elizabeth (1830-1904) 
Adams, Ellen  
Adams, George Michael (born 1895) 
Adams, George Preston  
Adams, George Preston (circa 1824-1892), wagonmaker 
Adams, George Preston (circa 1870-1904), constable 
Adams, Georgina Sarah  
Adams, Henry  
Adams, Henry Alexander (born circa 1872) 
Adams, James Alfred (circa 1861-1943), general dealer 
Adams, James Matthew (born 1891) 
Adams, Laura Elizabeth (born 1883) 
Adams, Lydia Catherine  
Adams, Maria Margaret  
Adams, Matthew (circa 1800-1852), Watchmaker, of 28 Grave Street, Cape Town 
Adams, Matthew James  
Adams, Rhoda  
Adams, Rhoda Esther (born 1889) 
Adams, Thomas  
Adams, Victoria (born 1897) 
Adams, William Dan (born 1893) 
Adams, William James Robert (born 1878) 
Alexander, Margaret  
Andrews, Joseph  
Andrews, Mary  
Andrews, Michael  of Ardoyne 
Andrews, Michael John  
Badenhorst, unknown  
Bergh, Hester Johanna Elisabeth (died 1963) 
Brink, unknown  
Bruwer, Magdalena Francina (died 1919) 
Bruwere, Alida  
Burnette, unknown  
Busman, G  
Byrne, Rhoda (1809-1839) 
Cloete, Doreen (private) 
Coetzee, Martina Johanna (1934-1983) 
De Wit, Johanna Margaretha  
Elizabeth, Anna Jacoba  
Fauconnier, Annie Elizabeth (circa 1832-1893) 
Fauconnier, Antonie (circa 1786-1837), joiner and turner, of Melville at the River, Knysna 
Fauconnier, Constantinus Johannes (born circa 1830) 
Fauconnier, Cornelia Jacomina (born circa 1834) 
Fauconnier, Louisa Hendrina Maria (born circa 1836) 
Fauconnier, Maria Terezia (born circa 1825) 
Fauconnier, Marthinus Robert (born circa 1824) 
Fauconnier, Michiel Hendrik (born circa 1826) 
Ferguson, James , Linen Merchant, of Antrim 
Gamble, Robert  of Belfast 
Glover, John  of Liverpool 
Helberg, Mariane (private) 
Huddleston, John (died before 1852), a Captian in Her Majesty's eighteenth Regiment and late Barrackmaster, of The Island of Cephelonia 
Hugo, Anna Maria Jacomina  
Janse Van Rensburg, Anna Maria Magdalena (circa 1866-1894) 
Janse Van Rensburg, Jacobus Johannes  
Jansen Van Rensburg, Anna Catharina (private) 
Jansen Van Rensburg, Dirkie Johanna (private) 
Jansen Van Rensburg, Jurgens Antonie (1906-1954) 
Jansen Van Rensburg, Willem Abraham (private) 
Kap, Cornelia Margarita Elisabeth  
Kemp, Albert James  
Klopper, Christina Julia  
Kotze, Bella  
Kotze, David  
Kotze, Dirk Johannes Jacobus  of Rietfontein, Kenhardt 
Kotze, Elizabeth  
Kriel, Hermanus Jacobus (private) 
Loader, unknown (died before 1943) 
McCammon, Ann Jane  
McCammon, Catherine  
McCammon, Charlotte  
McCammon, Eliza  
McCammon, Helen (1811-1870) 
McCammon, John (died before 1852) 
McCammon, John (circa 1758-1819), Tanner and Currier, of King Street, Belfast 
McCammon, Joseph  
McCammon, Margaret (died before 1852) 
McCammon, Mary (died before 1852) 
McCammon, Mary Ann  
McCammon, Thomas , Tanner 
McMurray, William Alexander (1866-1939) 
Page, Frederick S.  
Peden, Elizabeth Caldwell (circa 1777-1850) 
Peters, Franciskus Marthinus (private) 
Pretorius, Elizabeth Catharina  
Quin, William , surgeon, of Belfast 
Radmall, Thomas (circa 1793-1854) 
Simpson, Ada Ethel (1874-1953) 
Simpson, Agnes (circa 1821-1902) 
Simpson, Alida Aletta  
Simpson, Andrew John William (1933-1995) 
Simpson, Anna Cornelia Albertina (private) 
Simpson, Anna Elizabeth  
Simpson, Anna Magrieta (born 1897) 
Simpson, Annie  
Simpson, Annie Elizabeth (born 1898) 
Simpson, Carel Johannes (born 1905) 
Simpson, Carolina Johanna (born 1912) 
Simpson, Charles Napier (1845-1872), farmer, of Blinkfontein, Orange River (assumed) 
Simpson, Charles Napier (born 1902) 
Simpson, Charles Napier (born 1906) 
Simpson, Collins Mulvany (1909-1980) 
Simpson, Dan Peden (1807-1852) 
Simpson, Elizabeth  
Simpson, Elizabeth  
Simpson, Elizabeth Catharina (private) 
Simpson, Elizabeth Willa (born 1900) 
Simpson, Ella Maria Cecilia (born 1896) 
Simpson, Gerrit  
Simpson, Henry  
Simpson, Henry (born 1859) 
Simpson, Hester Johanna (born 1922) 
Simpson, James (1806-1848) 
Simpson, James (1865-1915), farmer, of Windheuvel, Ceres District 
Simpson, James Caldwell (born 1843) 
Simpson, James Caldwell (born 1909) 
Simpson, James John (1870-1954), farmer, of Calvinia - Kakamas area 
Simpson, James John (1925-1994) 
Simpson, Jessie (1863-1928) of Wolseley, Cape Province 
Simpson, Johanna Cornelia (born 1895) 
Simpson, Johanna Margrietha  
Simpson, John (circa 1820-1859), surgeon, Royal Navy 
Simpson, John Collins (1840-1920) 
Simpson, John James (1906-1979) 
Simpson, Laura (born and died 1867) 
Simpson, Lillian  
Simpson, Magdelena Josina (1908-1909) 
Simpson, Mary (born 1856) 
Simpson, Mary (born 1901) 
Simpson, Mary Beatty (1847-1850) 
Simpson, William  
Simpson, William (1775-1848), Merchant - he appears to have been a miller. 
Simpson, William (1809-1863), surgeon 
Simpson, William (born 1857), blacksmith 
Simpson, William (1869-1935) 
Simpson, William (1906-1911) 
Simpson, William (private) 
Simpson, William Dan Barclimore (born 1895) 
Simpson, William Dan Barklimore (1835-1867), clerk, of Tulbagh 
Simpson, William Daniel  
Simpson, Willliam (1920-2008) 
Simpson, Winnie Agnes (born 1899) 
Steyn, Aletta Magrietha  
Strydom, Maria Magdalena (1915-1951) 
Thompson, Alexander  
Thompson, Anna  
Thompson, Kate McCammon  
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Kermit  
Thompson, William Coscaden  
Thompson, William Hislop  
Thompson, male infant  
Van Wijk, Johanna Cornelia (1876-1927) 
Venter, Pieter Johannes Lodwikus (private) 

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