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List of people in the Kelly family tree

49 individuals, 19 families, 20 surnames

Ball, Gertrude Elizabeth (1864-1958)
Ball, Richard, corn & manure merchant of North Street, Burwell, later Minneapolis (1819-1895)
Brunsberg, Elizabeth Gertrude (1925-1994)
Brunsberg, John Kelly (born & died 1923)
Brunsberg, Paul Olaf (1889-1948)
Brunsberg, Paul Olaf Jr. (1920-1971)
Byerly, Marilyn Lean 
Coleman, Mary Ellen 
Cowart, Charlene 
Dover, Christa 
Hanson, Sidney (born circa 1894)
Jones, Carrie Theresa 
Jordan, Danielia Gloria 
Kelly, Clara Elizabeth (1896-1980)
Kelly, Esther Gertrude (1898-1991)
Kelly, Ethel Irene (1893-1987)
Kelly, John A. 
Kelly, John Jacob (1862-1937)
Ledford, Darla 
Marsters, Elizabeth (1826-1901)
Martin, Brandon Andrew (private)
Martin, Christopher Chad (private)
Martin, Clifford Robert (private)
Martin, Donald John (private)
Martin, Douglas Willard (1933-1950)
Martin, Florence Elizabeth (private)
Martin, Frederick Clark 
Martin, Janette Phyllis (private)
Martin, Keith Roger (private)
Martin, Kenneth Walter, car salesman, car dealer, RV dealer (private)
Martin, Kevin William (private)
Martin, Kristen (private)
Martin, Lee Jason (private)
Martin, Phyllis Esther (1926-1992)
Martin, Ralph Wendell (private)
Martin, Walter Edgar (1892-1963)
Metcalf, Sarah Elizabeth 
Muller, Barbara Jean 
Newell, Mark Kelsey (1910-1997)
Prater, Dale, director of a television station (private)
Prater, Daniel Thomas (private)
Prater, David Martin (private)
Prater, Denis Thomas (1960-1983)
Prater, Dennis (private)
Prater, Kenneth Thomas, in hotel trade 
Seders, Elizabeth 
White, Misty Dawn 
Williams, Lemuel Sellers 
Williams, Mable Jean, teacher (private)

The names of the people in the Kelly family   |  The surnames in the Kelly family tree  |   The sources from which the Kelly information is drawn |  
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