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Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys
Anna Catharina Smit
Adriaan Andries Louw
circa 1798-1847
Alida Johanna du Toit
circa 1810-1881
Petrus Johannes Redelinghuys
Magdalena Sophia Louw
circa 1824-1884
Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys
merchant 1
born 24 September 1844, Tulbagh 2
baptized 17 November 1844, Kruisvalley, Tulbagh 3
died 20 July 1900, at his own house (death notice signed Tulbagh) 4
He and his wife were witnesses at the baptism of Johannes Petrus and
Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys at Tulbagh, 5th March 1893 and 4th
November 1894, their nephews.


Susanna Helena Theron
died after 1900

Pieter Johannes

Magdalena Jacoba

Susanna Helena

Alida Johanna

Anna Francina

Margaretha Wilhelmina
b. c1882

Martha Jacoba
b. c1884

Elisabeth Louw
b. c1887

Johanna Jacoba
b. c1890

children of Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys and Susanna Helena Theron

Pieter Johannes Redelinghuys

Magdalena Jacoba Redelinghuys

Jan Louw 5

Susanna Helena Redelinghuys

Alida Johanna Redelinghuys

Barend du Toit 6

Anna Francina Redelinghuys

Notes: She was a witness at the baptism of her cousin, Anna Elisabeth Redelinghuys,
at Tulbagh 5th January 1890.

Margaretha Wilhelmina Redelinghuys 7 born circa 1882

Martha Jacoba Redelinghuys born circa 1884
born circa 1884 8

Elisabeth Louw Redelinghuys born circa 1887
born circa 1887 9

Johanna Jacoba Redelinghuys born circa 1890
born circa 1890 10

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