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William Simpson
Elizabeth Caldwell Peden
circa 1777-1850
William Simpson 1
surgeon 2
born 2 February 1809, Larne, County Antrim 3
died 21 November 1863, Tulbagh 4
The dates of birth, his, his wife's and the those of the children, come
from family information collected by Ada Ethel Simpson (1874 - 1953)
and supplied by the late Andrew McMurray. The other information
comes from their death notices, Cape Archives.

At the census of 1841 the family was living at no 110 Guildford Street,
Holborn. Agnes Simpson, aged 20, born Ireland was with them, and
two children William, aged 6 and John aged 6 months.

According to the family story that their youngest daughter, Elizabeth,
was born at sea (3rd November 1849), during a storm off the Cape of
Good Hope while her parents were in transit with their family to the
Cape, gives a date for the family's arrival at the Cape.

Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday 25 April 1829
Mr William Simpson, Jun. of Larne, on his examination before the
Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, on his skill in Anatomy,
Surgery and Pharmacy, was found fully qualified to practise these arts.

married 27 September 1833 [Belfast] 5

Helen McCammon

William Dan Barklimore
1835 -

John Collins
1840 -

James Caldwell

Charles Napier
1845 -

Mary Beatty
1847 -

Elizabeth Anne
1849 -

children of William and Helen Simpson

William Dan Barklimore Simpson 1835-1867
born 7 February 1835, London
baptized 7 April 1835, St. Pancras Old Church, London
died 3 April 1867, Calvinia
 married 21 December 1854 Holy Trinity Church, Harrington Street, Cape Town

Elizabeth Adams 6 1830-1904

John Collins Simpson 1840-1920
born 1 November 1840 7
baptized 25 December 1840, St. Pancras Old Church, London 8
died 1920 9
alive as at 1870 10

James Caldwell Simpson born 1843
born 18 August 1843, 4 High Street, St. Giles, London
 married 26 October 1870

Elizabeth Adams 11 1830-1904

Charles Napier Simpson 1845-1872
born 19 June 1845, London
died 21 April 1872, Blinkfontein, Orange River

Johanna Margaretha De Wit 12

Mary Beatty Simpson 1847-1850
born 22 November 1847, 4 High Street, St. Giles, London 13
died 6 June 1850, Wellington, Cape 14

Elizabeth Anne Simpson 1849-1924
born 3 November 1849, at sea
baptized 11 November 1849, at sea
died 4 June 1924
 married 23 October 1876 Ceres

Johannes Petrus Janse Van Rensburg 1853-1931
of Wagenbooms Rivier, Ceres

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