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unknown Thwaites
Thomas Thwaites
born circa 1685
born circa 1684
Jeremiah Thwaites
Sailmaker, Merchant, gentleman 1
of the Bell, Hastings
in 1746 Overseer of poor, St. Clements, Hastings
in 1750 Churchwarden, St. Clements, Hastings

born circa 1709, (?)
baptized 22 February 1708/09, Rotherhithe, St. Mary 2
died December 1768, Hastings, Sussex
buried 16 December 1768, All Saints, Hastings
will dated 11 November 1768
and proved 9 January 1769, Lewes
He is described as 'of Rotherhithe' in the parish register of Battle,
Sussex, at the time of their marriage.

The bulk of the research on the Thwaites family of Hastings was
done by Caroline and Harold Bamber, with more recent contributions
from David Thwaites of Canada, Kim Olsen of Australia and Lesley
Thwaites of England.

The fact of the marriage at Battle was discovered by Nancy Martin
of Canada, and told to me by Lesley Thwaites and the latter discovered
the Thwaites family record in the parish church at Rotherhithe. I extend
my grateful thanks to both of them for passing this information on to me.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 17 August 1733 at St. Mary the Virgin, Battle 3

Mary Sargent

born & died

1735 -

1737 -

1740 -

1742 -

1745 -

1747 -

1749 -

1752 -


children of Jeremiah and Mary Thwaites

Henry Thwaites born & died 1734
born 1734
baptized 12 June 1734, All Saints, Hastings
died 1734
buried 28 July 1734, All Saints, Hastings

Thomas Thwaites 1735-1820
born 1735, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 17 September 1735, All Saints, Hastings
died 21 October 1820, Hastings, Sussex
buried All Saints, Hastings
 married 22 July 1760 All Saints, Hastings

Joanna Stevenson 4 1741-1797

Jeremiah Thwaites 1737-1781
born 1737
baptized 13 July 1737, All Saints, Hastings
died 1781, Hastings, Sussex
buried 12 January 1781, All Saints, Hastings
 married 9 January 1759 Hastings, St. Clements

Martha Kent circa 1734-1815

Henry Thwaites 1740-1742
born 1740
baptized 12 September 1740, St. Clements, Hastings
died 1742
buried 19 December 1742, All Saints, Hastings

Mary Thwaites 1742-1748
born 1742
baptized 26 January 1742/43, St. Clements, Hastings
died 1748
buried 2 December 1748, All Saints, Hastings

Ann Thwaites 1745-1802
born 1745
baptized 18 April 1745, All Saints, Hastings
died 1802, Hastings, Sussex
buried 14 March 1802, All Saints, Hastings
 married 20 August 1771 Hastings, St. Clements

John Lulham 5

George Thwaites 1747-after 1768
born 1747
baptized 13 April 1747, St. Clements, Hastings
died after 11 November 1768 6

Notes: He is mentioned as a legatee in his father's
will of 1768 but there is no mention of him in his mother's
will of 1803, or of any children of his. One presumes that
he must have died before this without having any living
heirs in 1803?

There is a marriage record of 'George Thwaites of the
Parish of St. Clements in the Town of Hastings, Sussex'
to Ann West. The licence was issued on 9th November
1782 and a John Holt of Rye, Sussex stoodbond. The
marriage took place at Stone in Oxney church on 10th
December 1782 and was witnessed by John Holt and a
William Mackloy. (Information supplied by Lesley Thwaites)

John Thwaites 1749-1820
born 1749
baptized 26 October 1749, St. Clements, Hastings
died 6 December 1820
 married 27 January 1784 Tenterden

Sarah Grisbrook 7 circa 1760-1848

Henry Thwaites 1752-1818
born 1752, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 1 December 1752, St. Clements, Hastings
died 1818
buried 20 February 1818, All Saints, Hastings

Hannah circa 1749-1823
born circa 1749
died May 1823
buried All Saints, Hastings

Stephen Thwaites born 1755
born 1755, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 10 January 1755, St. Clements, Hastings
 married (1) 29 July 1783 Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

Rebecca Bromley circa 1753-1792
 married (2) 22 August 1793 Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

Mary Simmons born 1773

# The parents of Jeremiah Thwaites

Pending further investigation, I have assumed that the Jeremiah
Thwaites of Rotherhithe who married Mary Sargent in the parish
church at Battle in 1733, is the same person as the Jeremiah
Thwaites who was baptised in Rotherhithe parish church in 1708.
Unfortunately the marriage licence allegation and bond, which
might have given us Jeremiah's age at the time of his marriage
apparently exists no more, and his grave stone, when transcribed
in the 1890s was already in such poor repair that his age at death
could not be read.

In corroboration of this parentage is the fact that the father of the
Rotherhithe Jeremiah Thwaites was a sail maker, as was Jeremiah
Thwaites of Hastings and his son Thomas.

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